How often does the average person change their mattress

How often does the average person change their mattress

Have you had a lousy sleep for the past few nights? Is it affecting your everyday productivity? it might be time to change your mattress.

It could be your mattress’s fault. There are various warning signs of an average mattress—some are visible easily, while others can only be experienced. Recognizing the ill effects of a worn-out or expired mattress will save you money and prevent health consequences in the future.

A mattress can lose durability after 7-8 years of usage or be a breeding ground for many diseases due to unhygienic sleeping practices. If you face one or multiple signs of an average mattress, it may be time to upgrade to a better mattress for a quality life.

Why should you change your mattress?

If you don’t own the best sleeping mattress, you must consider changing it. The best mattress brings comfort, and you should be able to sleep like a baby. The most important reason to replace your old mattress with a new one is the poor quality of life.

A night of good quality sleep can improve your concentration and help you focus. It can increase your athletic performance, may strengthen your heart, boost your immune system and help you maintain your weight. On the other hand, poor sleep is linked to depression, increased inflammation in the body, and increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adults.

When should mattresses be replaced?

Even though you are sleeping well and don’t feel like there is anything wrong with your mattress, watch out for these signs. You might end up saving yourself from ailments like body pain or infections.

If you have owned a mattress for more than 7-10 years, it’s time to analyze these signs

1. A Sagging Mattress

If you notice your mattress is sagging, the coils are losing elasticity, or the memory foam is losing shape. This is common with heavier people because of their weight.

A quick test is to check your mattress immediately after you wake up. If it doesn’t return to its original shape quickly, you must buy a new one. You can buy a mattress online for the best sleeping mattress.

2. A Squeaky Mattress

When the coils inside the mattress lose their capacity, you might hear a noise when you sit or turn while sleeping. If this happens, you can tighten the bolts in the mattress or box spring with the help of a mattress technician. And if it's irreparable, maybe it's time to replace your mattress with the best memory foam mattress.

3. Stinky Mattress

If your mattress is starting to release a foul smell, something is growing inside those foams. Guess what? You might be sleeping on top of a bed with mold and fungi, especially if you live in a humid place.

Test: Smell your mattress and if you get a musty smell or a stink, immediately shift to an air bed mattress until you buy a new one.

4. You Have Developed Allergies

A common phenomenon is the presence of bed bugs in many households. When your mattress is continuously exposed to humidity and sweat, it traps moisture. This becomes an ideal environment for dust mites, bacteria, and fungi to survive.

If you face regular headaches, runny noses, and allergies, it’s time to look at that mattress. You must buy the Best Mattress, like a latex mattress in India.

5. Your Body Pain Is Not Getting Any Better

If one day you wake up with sudden pain or your existing backache is not getting better, your mattress is not supporting your body. You must invest in a good mattress for back pain, like an orthopedic mattress.

The latex mattress India with memory foam is a vital mattress to support your body. Also, you can sleep on a floor bed mattress if you do not prefer beds.

6. You Wake Up Before The Time

Although stress can lead to poor quality sleep, you should consider your mattress’s capacity and quality after 6-7 years of use. If you are a lousy sleeper, buy a king-sized bed and mattress as you might disturb your partner.

Further, there are various mattress brands in India to choose from. You might be unaware, but your body might be starting to develop body pain. Hence, invest in a mattress for back pain. If memory foams are not your favorite, look up for a cotton mattress near me.

7. You Sleep Better At Other Places

Do you tend to sleep like a baby in places other than your bed? Have you sensed it consistently? If yes, your mattress could be the reason you can’t sleep well in your own home.

Your home is your comfort zone, and your bedroom should be the epitome of comfort. You should be able to recharge your body after a day of hectic work in your home. At times, there are other factors such as too much light or excessive heat or cold that may impact your sleep. If everything else seems to be right, changing your mattress might do the trick.

8. The Mattress Sleeps Hot

Some foam mattresses can give you sweaty and uncomfortable nights. It happens when the foam is not of good quality. Made of synthetic materials, it tends to absorb body heat, and poor air circulation traps the heat inside.

The new-age mattresses are designed to resolve this issue. These days, manufacturers use new-age technology and different materials for the mattress to not radiate heat.

If you have decided to get a new mattress because your existing one has been giving you sweaty nights, make it a point to pay special attention to the foam. Choose a lighter-density one that allows better air circulation.

The perfect solution for all your needs: Livpure

A bad mattress will not only ruin your mood but also affect your everyday relationships and work-life balance. Since you now know the warning signs of an average mattress, you can help yourself and others.

The most important tip is always to avoid the hardest bed mattress, even if your elders recommend it. Both extremes—a hard bed mattress or a bed mattress too soft—are bad news for your back. You might not notice it when you are comparatively young. But, as they say, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Head over to Livpure’s website for the no 1-bed mattress in India. You will find a range of mattresses, from the queen-size bed mattress to the king-size airbed to double mattress-size memory foam beds for back pain.

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