How Indian Tech Companies Are Bringing Clean And Safe Drinking Water To People

How Indian Tech Companies Are Bringing Clean And Safe Drinking Water To People

Until a few years ago, smart home products like air purifiers and water purifiers were considered niche, luxury goods in India. The problem was the price of acquiring and running these products. Due to the imported nature of smart home products, they were out of reach for an average Indian household. However, Indian smart home companies like Livpure started revolutionizing the Indian home products market with the introduction of affordable air and water purifiers for everyone.

Clean drinking water for all

RO water purifiers are the best technology available for home water filtration at the moment. These water purifiers have used the world over for ensuring safe drinking water and cooking water. Livpure offers home water purifiers that match international quality standards of water treatment and has up to 8-stage filtration in its products.

Here is how a Livpure water purifier works:

The tap water is filtered using a pre-filter to reduce the number of large and coarse impurities before it enters the main unit. The main unit then uses multi-stage filtration including sediment filters to remove inorganic and chemical contamination. The water is then forced through an osmotic membrane which has microscopic pores. The treated water is then mineralized to enhance its taste and add nutritional value.

The whole process happens in real-time as you press the water dispenser on the unit. Livpure’s RO purifiers also come with a storage unit to ensure water delivery in case there is a power outage.

Since all Livpure products are manufactured in India, they are sensibly priced for Indian consumers. Adding convenience to its after-sales services, the company has opened service and support centers all over the country to ensure timely maintenance and repair of water purifiers and its other products. The community-driven initiatives of Indian tech companies have encouraged others to follow suit and make technology more accessible to the country’s people.

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