How do you know if towels are good quality?

How do you know if towels are good quality?

Choosing the right bath towel can take a long time if you want to get them right. Sure, anyone can get some inexpensive options from an online retailer of home goods, but it takes time and effort to select the bath towels that have the highest longevity, fluffiness, and drying power. Towels that are larger, fluffier, or costlier may seem like a good idea at first, but you may find that they wear out quickly after just a few washes.

Follow our foolproof instructions to choose a premium bath towel, and get ready to be astounded by what a bit of knowledge can accomplish. In all the best ways, your bathing routine will never be the same again.

How to measure the quality of towels? How to find out which type of towels are good quality?

Take Weight into Account 

Heavier, thicker towels often provide the softness and absorbency that any sane person would expect from a bath towel. However, it might be difficult to determine whether one is hefty or thick enough, especially when shopping online. GSM, or grams per square meter, comes into play here. The GSM of a towel measures its weight, and generally speaking, the higher the GSM, the better performance you may anticipate. A GSM of 500 or more is typically sufficient, but if you want a softer or more absorbent bath towel, look for one with a higher GSM.

Some retail sites will list the GSM of a bath towel, but if it is not and you know the towel's weight in grams, you can use a simple GSM formula to figure out the GSM of the towel by entering the towel's dimensions and weight. This is also helpful if you already own a towel and want to find out its GSM. Although it's not a deal-breaker, it may just mean you want to touch the towel in person to make sure it's good to go if a seller didn't disclose a towel's GSM.

Examine the Materials

100% cotton bath towels are the best. As a result, the bath towel is softer, stronger, and more absorbent because its fibers are longer. Materials and washing symbols should be provided online or on the towel's care tag.

Choose Your Weave

How quickly a towel dries and how absorbent it is both depend on its weave. Therefore, depending on your needs, the best towels could be: 

Terrific terry cloth is fluffy

Because each loop increases the surface area available to absorb water, terry towels are particularly absorbent because of their tiny loops of twisted threads. However, a fluffy towel like this one takes longer to dry than thinner ones. Look for 100% cotton or a blend with at least 50% cotton for the best absorption.

A Turkish towel is thin and quick-drying

The tight weave of this thin bath sheet makes it less absorbent than other types, yet it is nonetheless lightweight, strong, and quick to dry. These towels are ideal for trips because they don't take up much room in luggage, can be used as blankets on chilly aircraft rides, and dry rapidly when spread out in a hot car after a day at the beach.

Waffle or honeycomb weave for a posh spa appearance

Its multicolored surface makes for an energizing post-shower rubdown, and its puckered texture, which allows for airflow, helps them dry quickly. However, their blessing is also their curse because these towels are prone to shrinking in the dryer, which might result in wavy edges. Avoid washing in hot water and air drying or use a low heat setting on the dryer.

Find its Location

The material you choose for the best towels that suit your needs should influence where you intend to store your towel:

Cotton stays by your bathtub

These towels, particularly those made of terry cloth, are strong, plush, absorbent, and simple to look after. Egyptian and Pima "long staple" cotton towels are softer and last longer than standard cotton towels. Contrarily to synthetic fibers, cotton fibers may deteriorate, fray, and dry more slowly.

Microfiber with a low pile stays in your gym bag.

Nylon, rayon, or polyester are typically used to make synthetic microfiber. Lightweight, quick-drying, and—drumroll—possibly anti-microbial, it's perfect for humid environments. Bring it to hot yoga or wear it during spin class over the handles of your bike. While synthetic fibers aren't particularly absorbent, they frequently outlast natural fibers in durability.

A bamboo towel stays in a bathroom with little ventilation.

These fibers may be anti-microbial, preventing the development of a musty odor. Because of how it is manufactured, bamboo fabric is officially classified as rayon, so you could see that name on the label instead. Bamboo towels are frequently a blend of linen and cotton. Although the bamboo plant has an eco-friendly halo and spreads like a weed, producing cloth from it requires extensive processing.

Linens stay in the powder room.

The flax plant is used to make linen, which is more absorbent than cotton and frequently used for hand towels. On this lightweight cloth, decorative embroidery and trim look particularly good. When brand-new, this type has a slightly harsh feel, but as it is washed more, it becomes softer. Although linen is readily wrinkled, embrace its unpolished appearance by putting the iron away.

How to Maintain Fresh Towel Smell Without Using Bleach

Think about density

Keep a look out for bath towels with thick, textured, or densely woven loops because they offer more absorbency. Look closely if you can spot a towel in person: You shouldn't be able to see its innermost layer if it's sufficiently dense (or base).

Go for bigger

A typical bath towel is large enough for a rapid dry-off and measures 30 by 56 inches. A bath sheet, also known as a body towel, is a superior option for greater coverage and warmth for taller or larger persons as well as those who frequently go for a post-shower stroll in a towel. These oversized bath towels, measuring roughly 33 by 70 inches, come at an additional expense but provide a cozier experience.

Avoid getting sucked into the price.

Although expensive bath towels can cost up to Rs. 6000, you don't have to. For Rs. 1000 or less, you can find selections of high-quality bath towels that meet all of our requirements. With our helpful advice, you now understand the distinction between a cheap, low-quality alternative and an affordable, high-quality one. Of all, if you're set on purchasing a bath towel for Rs. 6,000, go ahead; just don't keep it in the restroom. 

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