Horrors of Lack of Sleep

Horrors of Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep has become a routine for many. The continuous tossing & turning in bed through the night can make you grumpy. It can severely impact your mental health, work quality and mood. Let's know more about the "adequate-sleep" regime, especially in keeping with the modern lifestyle. 

There can be plenty of reasons for losing sleep, ranging from minor discomfort to chronic Insomnia. People suffering from Insomnia and deprivation are more prone to health issues. A lack of sleep can reflect negatively on your everyday activities. These can be a result of your poor schedules, food habits or a life circumstance. 

So, while you recall what went wrong, make sure you are all set to change and adapt to a healthier regime. 

How does lack of sleep affect on your health?

Walking around all day long half-awake with a severe headache isn't an ideal way of being. All the sleep you are missing out on will haunt you and make you uncomfortable. Common effects of sleep deprivation that one faces are:

1. Lack of sleep could cause severe health issues

Professional researchers have revealed that a significant number of people with Insomnia suffer from serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and more.

2. Sleep deprivation can lead to depression

When you are awake night after night, reminiscing about every minute detail, your mental health suffers. Lack of sleep can mess up your mind, and thus lead to symptoms of depression. 

3. No sleep makes your skin dull

No amount of products can treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Proper sleep is good for your skin as well. Sleep deprivation, on the contrary, will make your skin age fast. Dull skin and fine lines will become prevalent sooner. 

4. Affects Memory and Nervous System

The brain processes and accumulates information during the night while you sleep. If you are struggling with poor memory, it's probably because of the lack of sleep. 

5. Sleeplessness causes weight gain

A proper sleep can help manage weight! Sleeping indeed can be beneficial for weight management as long as you are snoozing adequately and not impulsively. Obesity and sudden weight gain because of improper slumber directly impacts your appetite. 

Fix Your Sleep-cycle with these simple tips

There is nothing more relaxing than a good night ZZZ. In this age and time, "a calm sleep" has become a luxury not everyone can afford. If this is the reality, here are few effective ways that can help you change it. 

1. Get on a sleep routine, for real this time!

You suffer, you think, you plan and then forget. Most of us are never able to stick to a sleep regime. It takes time to make your body habitual about the sleep and wake-up timings, but it's worth it. Try getting on a routine, avoid late-night TV, mobile use or working. 

2. Plan your diet and meals

Food affects sleep quality, so plan your meals accordingly. Cut back on caffeine after daytime to sleep better. Avoid spicy foods and eat your dinner hours before bedtime. 

3. Ditch the fumes, stop smoking!

Smoking isn't beneficial in any scenario, and in this case, it can severely impact your sleep quality. It can cause breathing issues that can result in restless nights for the rest of your life. 

4. Get a comfy Bed-mattress

A good bed mattress supports your body weight and posture. There is a spectrum of mattresses available, and you can always fall back on the popular memory foam mattress when there is confusion. Livpure's mattress solutions accommodate all your sleeping preferences, try them out for yourself. 

5. Rely on Blackout to pass out well! 

Keep the temperature around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and install blackout curtains in the room to create the perfect environment for rest. Make your bedroom slumber inducing by keeping the hazards at bay. Get Livpure’s innovative blackout curtains which block  99.99% of sunlight from entering your bedroom. 


Now that you are well aware of the disadvantages of not getting a proper sleep, you better catch up on the remedies to get back in action! Get a good mattress, change the sheets, set the room ambience and snooze like never before! 

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