Health Benefits of 8 Hours Sleep

Health Benefits of 8 Hours Sleep

We have so many demands from our time- jobs, family, errands and not to mention finding some time to relax after a long day. To not miss out on anything in our lives, we sacrifice sleep instead. But it's essential for both our mental and physical health. It is vital to our well-being.

Sleep. Don't we all wish we could get more of it? Yet it’s still not enough. And while yawning and feeling tired all the time is a bummer, a scarcity of zzz’s can even have a giant impact on your health. Experts say you ought to aim to get between seven and eight hours of shut-eye each night, but what does that do for you? Let’s find out!

Sleep Can Boost Your system

When your body gets the sleep it needs, your immune cells and proteins get the remainder they have to fight back whatever comes their way- like colds, viruses, or the flu. And in step with the well-known sleep experts, proper sleep can even make vaccines more practical, which is a plus.

Gaining Zzz’s Can Help Prevent Weight Gain

Racking up eight full hours of sleep won't make you lose weight like exercise will, but it can prevent any further weight gain. This is because a lack of sleep can cause your body to secrete the hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite. Your body also decreases the secretion of leptin, a hormone that tells you you’re full. Put ’em both together and that’s one dangerous combo for late-night snacking. Plus, once you don’t sleep enough you get more stressed and don’t have the energy to repel food cravings. 

Sleep Can Strengthen Your Heart

Not getting enough sleep can cause heart health problems like high pressure or heart attacks. That’s because lack of sleep can cause your body to release cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers your heart to function harder. A bit like your system, your heart needs rest to function powerfully and properly. Just another excuse to hit your pillows early and get some sleep. 

Better Sleep equals to Better Mood

There is some truth within the old saying, “Getting up on the right side of the bed.” It's nothing to do with which side of the mattress you roll out of, but sleeping properly can result in good moods. And really, it is smart. If you sleep well, you feel rested. Being rested helps your energy levels soar. When your energy is up, life’s little challenges won’t annoy you the maximum amount. When you’re not annoyed, you’re not as angry. If you’re not angry, you’re happy. So, go to bed early. 

Sleeping Increases Productivity

You may think you’re wowing your boss by burning the midnight oil, but not having a restful night’s snooze can be having an adverse effect at work or school. Sleep has been linked to improved concentration and better cognitive function, both of which might facilitate you to achieve success at work. But one restless night can leave you feeling frazzled, making it more likely that you’ll make mistakes that a pot of coffee won’t be able to fix. Speaking of coffee, the more tired you are feeling, the more likely you're to go after that afternoon cup. And while that will seem to repair the afternoon crash problem you experience, the additional caffeine late in the day could set you up for an additional sleepless night. 

Lack of Sleep will be Dangerous. Literally.

You’re twice as likely to get in a car accident when you’re cruising on six to seven hours of sleep compared to if you get a full eight hours. Sleeping less than five hours, your chances of a crash quadruple! That’s because your internal systems slow way down when your brain isn’t fully rested. We don’t understand you, but those statistics have us able to climb into our PJs and hit the pillows ASAP.

Sleep Improves Memory

Although your body gets to relax when you're sleeping, your brain is still hard at work. It’s processing and consolidating your memories from the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, who knows where those memories go. Or worse, your mind might create false memories.

How to create a sleeping environment for those good 8 hours sleep?

It is very necessary to get your bedroom ready for good sleep. Invest in some blackout curtains so that your sleep is not disrupted due to early sunrise. Create a nighttime routine to urge your mind and body to relax, maybe try meditating. Oh, and stop scrolling on your phone or tablet. Those social media alerts will all be there when you wake up in the morning. 

Buy a mattress that suits your sleeping position and your partner’s. Invest in a memory foam mattress if you and your partner have different sleeping habits- this will help lessen motion transfer and give you a peaceful sleep. If you are suffering from back problems, invest in an orthopedic mattress. If you sit in front of the computer all day or drive too much, you ought to have neck and shoulder pain. Invest in a cervical pillow for the night time- and see the changes in your pains and sleeping pattern. Do you ask where you will get all these things? Livpure has all the sleep products you may need. Invest in pocket-friendly sleep products from Livpure and get them delivered right to your doorstep without any hassles. 

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