Habits that help you fall asleep

Habits that help you fall asleep

Are you finding yourself answering no to the question - Did you sleep well? Well, then this is for you! We will discuss in detail some sleep tips for falling asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. Your daily habits during the day as well as after sun down play a major role in how you fall asleep. Your eating, drinking habits, exercise routine ( or the lack of it), medications, all affect your sleep. Some small adjustments may just be the difference between sound sleep and a restless night. 

Follow the below healthy sleep habits or tips that will help you fall asleep better: 

  1. Consistency is key: Have a set time to sleep and wake up everyday. This helps the body adjust and sets an automatic body clock. PS: Also applicable on weekends 
  2. Room lighting: Make sure your bedroom is dark enough. Light tricks the body into thinking its day time and its gets difficult to fall asleep 
  3. Keep the caffeine to the minimum: Caffeine is a stimulant. The more you drink, the more it keeps you from falling asleep. Avoid your caffeinated beverages like tea coffee closer to bed time and see the difference 
  4. Temperature control: Cooling down the bedroom can help initiate sleep. 
  5. Noise: A quite space helps you fall sleep quicker. There are some specific sounds like the phone ringing, TV, traffic sounds that can affect your sleep
  6. Exercise: There are studies that show exercise can improve sleep patterns. People who exercise regularly find it earlier to fall asleep than those who are not physically active. You can also meditate on your mattress which can help you sleep better. 

To conclude, sleep has a direct impact on our lives and we should try whatever we can to make sure we sleep soundly. Comment and let us know if these above pointers work for you! 


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