Guest Bedroom Styling Secrets

Guest Bedroom Styling Secrets

One of the best parts of home decorating is showing it off to your friends and family and getting a chance to welcome your loved guests into your home. If you are someone who loves to host, creating the perfect guest room is essential for you. The best guest rooms are uncluttered, comfortable, and have components of both a home and a hotel. Here are some tricks to decorate a guest room. 

Keep it clutter-free


Though a guest bedroom is an extra room in your house, it would not be nice if your visitors had to sleep in a room cluttered with all the unwanted things from the rest of your house. So, choose a decluttered way to decorate your guest bedroom, with a splash of colors and hidden or camouflaged storage solutions. If you still would like to use your guest room as a storage space, build functional cabinets and store away things. 

Keep it minimalistic


Do not think that your guest room requires only a bed. While it may be a place for your guests to sleep in, many more activities like getting ready, reading, relaxing, and much more will be done in this room. So think beds, bedside tables, chairs or a bench, and even small shelves. Unless you are willing to let your guest use your dressing mirror, you might want to consider providing basic amenities like a mirror, with some storage space as well. This lets them unwind and relax in the guest room which might be more comfortable and gives them minimum privacy.

A little greenery


You can breathe life into the seldom-used room (unless you have guests over a lot) with some greenery. In this scenario, indoor plants work the best. You can choose from a variety of huge potted plants to be kept on the floor (not too many, maybe one or two) or get small potted plants for the racks and shelves. Plants not only add a splash of freshness, but also a dash of color to the guest bedroom. 

Create a place to rest

A guest bedroom is a place for your guests to rest and sleep, and so, it should be functional enough for proper rest. A good and comfortable mattress, clean and comfortable bedsheets, soft pillows, and comforters are what you need. You do not need to go extravagant, but spend enough keeping in mind that someone would want to sleep here. Get hotel-like comfort with a variety of Livpure Sleep mattresses, pillows, Livpure’s All-weather comforter, Egyptian cotton bed sheets, and more bedding and linen options. Make your guest feel like royalty with the hotel-like bed at pocket-friendly prices (which is a secret only you would know!). 

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hang a full-length mirror in the guest room so your guests have somewhere to check out their outfits before you introduce them to everyone (just joking!). But really, your house guests will definitely appreciate having easy access to a full-length mirror and dresser since they are living out of a suitcase for a while. A mirror will also make a small guest bedroom feel larger as well, especially a large mirror. A mirror should also come with a little storage space as well as some hanging places for your guest’s coats and scarves. 

Make a statement


Make your house guests feel welcome and special with the guest bedroom. Do not make them feel like it is just an extra room in your house, but a room that is just made for them. Opt for a statement headboard with the bed, quirky wall art, and built-in lighting for a unique and stylish aesthetic to your guest room. Add a touch of vibrant colors and make it feel special. 

Provide robes and towels


Make your guest room feel a little like a hotel by putting the things your guests will need throughout their stay within your house, after all, it is a holiday for them! Some examples include a bathrobe, comfortable slippers, and bath and face towels. If you want to go the extra mile, leave a jug of water on the bedside table as well.

Well-stocked bedside table

Tiered shelves can hold extra blankets, towels, water glasses, reading material, and fresh flowers. You can also add a small mini-bar to the bedside. What better way to welcome your guest other than having a fully stocked bar and snacks for them in their own room! 

Entertainment zone

Your house’s guest room does not have to be only used by your guests or a storage area for your extra stuff from the rest of the house. You can plan a family entertainment room or use it as a home theatre room or play zone. With careful planning, it can be optimized to act as an entertainment zone for your family as well as your guest room. For example, you can use a sofa-cum-bed to convert it into a guest room for visitors to sleep in.

Mellow lighting


Just keep it simple for your guest room! As most of your funds will be spent on making the common rooms and master bedroom look extravagant, comfortable for regular use, and showy, you can opt for more simple options for this particular room. A simple pendant light, some recessed or flush mount lights to keep the room bright should be enough, maybe with a touch of bedside or reading lamp as well. Avoid harsh lighting or using colorful fairy lights as they can make your guests uncomfortable and the room unnecessarily cluttered and stuffy. If you are providing a cozy chair beside the bed, equip it with a reading lamp or drop light for added support for your guests’ reading and working needs. 


We are confident you will find plenty of inspiration to make up your guest room, but make sure you do not go overboard and make the room look too busy. Instead, decide on a theme beforehand or experiment by fusing styles and give it a warm and welcoming look.

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