Freedom From Pain : Time To Break Up With Your Old Mattress

Freedom From Pain : Time To Break Up With Your Old Mattress

Every night we hop onto our beds with the aim to archive a whole night of restful sleep. But sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can instead lead to excruciating back pain in the morning. Our bedding play a huge role in helping us have a good sleep. 

Sleeping on a bad bed can give or worsen back pain. Not only does a poor mattress offers compromised sleep but also aggravates your lower backache or strain. Bad sleep posture, improper spine alignment, and muscle cramps can be a result of sleeping on an unfit bed. However, sleep is often compromised when the mattress is not of our preference. You need the right amount of softness and support from your bedding solution to keep your body stable while sleeping. 

Can you blame your mattress for back pain?

Back pain can be caused due to more reasons than one. Therefore, try to look for a pattern when it comes to back pain. You can consider replacing your mattress if you faced the following:

  1. You wake up with back pain in the morning regularly. A stretch of 10-15 minutes helps in relieving the pain. 
  2. If you keep tossing and turning on your bed in order to find a comfortable position. Moreover, if this restlessness is keeping you awake throughout the night. 
  3. If you are not prone to back pains but can identify a pattern of pain. 

If the back pain is persistent and unbearable, please consult a doctor to understand the issue better.  

How to choose a suitable mattress? 

1. Understand your preference

There is no one type of mattress that suits all. When it comes to perfect sleep, everyone has a personal preference. However, if back pain is a concern then look for a mattress that does not give you stiffness in the lower back area. Choose a suitable option that provides the right support to your back should be preferred.

2. Research before purchase

Do your research before making the decision. Whether you are looking for memory foam, coil, or innerspring, understand their features and benefits. There are a number of choices available in the market with varying degrees of firmness depending on the material used and the thickness. Similarly, you have to also consider the top layer in order to analyze the softness and comfort of the mattress.

3. Focus on the back support

Look out for a mattress that supports natural spine alignment and structure of the body. The firmness of the mattress prevents the sinking of the body and therefore, holds the body well while lying down. You can choose an orthopaedic mattress that gives your back the right support and firmness. It can provide much-needed relief from back pains and muscle cramps as it provides protection against bad posture. 


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