Facts of Investing in a Cool Sleeping Mattress

Facts of Investing in a Cool Sleeping Mattress

Memory foam is becoming an increasingly popular material in modern mattress. It is soft yet supportive feel and many people get easily smitten by it. It contours according to the body shape and can also help with orthopedic pain. However, traditional memory foam encompasses a reputation for sleeping warm, because it tends to trap body heat. Because memory foam allows for deep contouring, surface airflow is additionally limited, which further compounds the warmth buildup. To cut back on this issue, manufacturers often use cooling gel memory foam. But what is this cool gel memory foam, and does it actually work?

What is Cool Gel Memory Foam?

Cool gel memory foam may be a relatively new product that first became popular in the early 2010s. It is made by infusing small gel particles or beads into memory foam or, less commonly, applying them as a layer on top. The gel used is thermal gel, which is cool to the touch, or alternatively phase-changing gel, which transitions from a solid to a liquid when the temperature rises. Both of those gels are designed to draw heat away from the sleeper, leading to a cooler surface temperature.

These same cooling beads may also be infused into other kinds of foam, including latex and polyfoam. You will see it most frequently in memory foam, however, just because memory foam often struggles to keep up a lower temperature.

Does Cool Gel Memory Foam Actually Work?

Gel memory foam is comfortable, offering good conforming and pressure relief. But does it actually sleep cooler than normal memory foam?

With memory foam in general, there is a reputation for it retaining heat and making sleepers warmer than usual. Hence, a cool gel helps. Most consumers are pleased with them as they have hit the market. Fortunately, Livpure offers risk-free sleep trials, which permit you to check out the mattress in your own residence. If the mattress does not work for you, you can typically return or exchange it or get a full refund. Livpure offers 100 days of risk-free trial, and it is just one of the advantages of shopping from Livpure. 

Why is Sleeping Cool Important? 

Your body has a perfect sleeping temperature somewhere between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, which is cooler than most environmental temperatures during the day. Does that mean you are sleeping in an excessive amount of heat? Possibly. Sleeping in cool temperatures can increase your metabolism, improve deep sleep, and boost your immune function. With all of these benefits, maybe it is time to sleep cooler and find the perfect mattress to keep you cool. 

Increased Metabolism

Scientists noticed that rats who slept in cooler temperatures had a rise in brown fat mass and reduction of white fat mass. Brown fat can actually stimulate the metabolism of white fat as fat, thus burning fat. In testing for this same phenomenon in humans, research shows that after a month of just mild cold, the participants experienced a tenth increase in metabolism and a 42% increase in brown fat. Interestingly, they began to fall back and were completely reversed because the temperatures got warmer.

These findings suggest that sleeping in cooler temperatures can increase your metabolism, but only to a specific level. Extreme cold can end up preventing sleep. So attempt to sleep between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Increase Deep Sleep

Heat exposure during sleep decreases REM and slow-wave sleep and increases wakefulness. Core blood heat naturally drops as we go to sleep, as it is required for rest and recovery during the 24-hour biological time. Maintaining that body temperature is very important for high-quality sleep, specifically deep sleep.

Studies with patients discovered around 29 degrees Celsius to be the best sleeping temperature. However, with commonalities like clothes and bedding, the area typically must be cooler than that to counteract for insulation. You need slow-wave and slumber to feel fully rested, as it’s during those stages that almost all repair occurs. If you’re sleeping in the heat, you are likely only sleeping lightly.

Boost immune performance

Have you ever had some weeks of bad sleep and then are down with a cold? There’s evidence for that. Immune function increases during rapid eye movement sleep. But you really must hit the REM stages to reap its advantages. A comprehensive study showed that not only is immune system function cyclical almost like sleep, but sleep encodes immune memory and impairment ends up in inflammatory factors.

If you’re constantly sleeping in higher temperatures, you will experience light stages of sleep and wakefulness throughout the night. You never get complete REM cycles. Without deep sleep, you allow your body to be vulnerable to disease as immune performance suffers.

Gel Memory Foam vs. Regular Memory Foam

Gel and traditional memory foams offer many identical benefits. For starters, they will both be a decent solution for sleep partners as memory foam generally is understood for its ability to successfully reduce motion transfer. Many folks saw the old commercials when memory foam was still a comparatively new idea. A glass of wine was placed on the mattress while someone jumped up and down next thereto. It was quite an attractive advertisement, but it is true to some extent as well. The wine didn't even move. This was not a sales gimmick. 

Both mattresses also provide ultimate orthopedic support. It contours perfectly to the body and provides relief on pressure points. 

The difference between the two is the cooling part. Cooling gel memory foam is meant to keep the sleeper cool, whole traditional memory foam has the reputation of keeping warm. 

Is Gel Memory Foam Better?

Things have come a protracted way since the introduction of traditional memory foam, and, in my experience, cool memory foam mattresses utilizing gel properties helped me stay significantly cooler. They also typically incorporate a mixture of additional layers to assist prevent you from sinking in too far, thus feeling stuck.

Will Gel-Infused Memory Foam Affect Durability?

The purchase of a brand new mattress is usually a large investment, and you would naturally want to confirm you are buying a product that will stand the test of your time. Because gel memory foam has only been on the market since around 2011, it is a touch early to make determinations about gel-infused memory foam durability normally, but there is an improved technology to make gel memory foam mattress durable.

The key lies in the density of the mattress you will be considering. Livpure cooling gel memory foam mattresses come with a 10-year warranty so that you can feel secure about your investment. Livpure also offers you a 100-day risk-free trial so that you only commit to what you like the best, and not worry about the cost. 

Should You Buy a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

There are many cool gel memory foam mattresses that are great products, with excellent customer reviews and good performance ratings. Livpure provides the most premium mattresses in this category. 


Buying a cool gel memory foam mattress is all for the best, especially during these hot Indian summers. After all, you need the best sleep you can get, and Livpure gives it to you at a bargain price. You really cannot put a price on your sleep, but Livpure finds it a duty to keep your pockets in a good shape. So, visit our website and shop for Livpure cooling gel mattresses and pillows.

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