Facts and Myths of using Memory foam Mattress

Facts and Myths of using Memory foam Mattress

Say, you’re trying to find a memory foam mattress online, you may be surrounded by enticing ads, but an issue always stays on top of your mind, "Should I consider thinking and contemplating the thousands of rupees spent towards mattress price or just take a leap of faith”. And, then there are those myths about different mattresses that keep bothering you. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Countless people are faced with a tricky choice when it involves buying a new mattress for their bed. Finding the proper mattress might be a touch of a dampener. To assist eliminate unnecessary stress, we will try to expose some myths and facts here. You can easily make a well-educated choice after treading this. 

The history behind Memory Foam

First designed in the mid-1960s for NASA airplane seats, memory foam is formed from a substance called viscoelastic. It's both highly energy absorbent and soft. Memory foam responds to the heat and pressure of your body and evenly distributes weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure. In addition to protecting against impact, these properties make memory foam very comfortable. After its first flight for NASA, memory foam made a raid on other applications. As an example, it absolutely was used as cushioning in helmets and shoes. Medicine found a use for it in prosthetics and products to forestall pressure ulcers like seating pads for those that are severely disabled. Then, memory foam really took off. It's now well-known for its use in pillows, mattress pads, and mattresses, which are available in different densities and depths.

Let us debunk some myths about memory foam mattresses today!

Memory Foam “sleeps hot”

Fact: Foam did have the status for sleeping hot. But, that's a story of days in the past. Today, newer high tech memory foam mattresses have switched this to fiction. Companies like Livpure manufacture foam mattresses that contain an open-cell building which increases ventilation by 95% compared to traditional foam. A decent quality memory foam mattress has the flexibility to wick away heat and moisture around thrice faster compared to the standard tempurpedic mattress. Nearly all-foam mattresses are likewise encased with breathable covers and even a cooling gel layer. Livpure mattresses come with all of them- these mattresses are some of the coolest things you will sleep on! 

A foam mattress is mighty expensive

Fact: Yes, some leading brands could also be expensive. Despite that, you'll find a variety of newer manufacturers like Livpure Sleep that have forayed into the mattress industry and make great mattresses at affordable prices. You'll be able to easily get yourself a memory bed for 1/2 the price you'll get an enormous manufacturer if you are doing your research right. These companies are usually e-tailers that require you to shop for the mattress online and ship right to your house, which cuts down overheads like showroom rental. This benefit trickles down to the buyers and you can get the perfect mattress without a huge dent in your pockets. Livpure does the same. Order from the comfort of your home and get a mattress delivered hassle-free to your doorstep. 

Memory foam is incredibly comfortable initially, but it sags later

Fact: Yes, after you get an inexpensive, poor quality memory foam mattress, this could be the inevitable truth. Regrettably, there's definitely lots of cheap foam on the market, an entire lot of it via China. That said, the quality memory foam doesn't develop dips and cavities, and if it does, it’s generally covered under warranty. Thus, what can we learn from this? Don't go for any mattress that doesn't come with a 10-year warranty. Explore a wide range of Livpure memory foam mattress- 6-inch mattress as well as 8-inch mattress thickness, available in different densities of memory foam and latex foam. You can also look for naturally sourced memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses which are available at Livpure Sleep's website. 

Foam emits a foul odor

Fact: The majority settle on a spring mattress because they believe that memory foam emits a lot of foul odour. This, once again, is limited to inferior and economical memory foam. once you rummage around for memory foam, you need to take care that it's not-

  • Made from ozone depleters
  • Made from PBDE flame retardants
  • Made with mercury, lead, and other major metals
  • Made with phthalates
  • Made with formaldehyde

Also, take care that it features low VOC emissions for better indoor air quality. The count must be but 0.5 parts per million.

Livpure takes care of this with a breathable outer cover. If you are still not convinced, check out the Ayurvedic foam mattress- it is naturally sourced, has a lavender-infused outer cover as well as a sandalwood-infused latex foam layer to eliminate any smell from the foam. It is available in 8-inch mattress thickness as well as a 6-inch mattress which doesn’t have the sandalwood-infused layer. 

The denser the foam, the more firm it'll be

Fact: The firmness of the foam entirely depends on how it really is created. For instance, two different companies can make a foam bed with identical dimensions, but you'll be able to find that one is firmer compared to the other. So, make certain to research thoroughly the mattress you plan on buying. And, if you plan on buying one, keep an eye out for their return policy or trial policy in case you do not like the feel of the mattress after purchasing it. Livpure has a 100-night risk-free trial policy so that you can buy the mattress which suits you perfectly. Livpure Sleep’s website also has a firmness scale you can use so you can see what firmness you want and then make a decision. 

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