Factors To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier?

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier?

Sound health is something that every individual wants to achieve and one of the key factors is drinking filtered water. This can be achieved by removing all the harmful impurities of tap water by passing it through a Water purifier. One looks at a list of factors while deciding the best water purifier for their home. Drinking pure and clean water is directly proportional to one's sound health. Hence, one should not compromise any health factor and choose their water purifier wisely. 

Some of the key factors play a crucial role in deciding the best equipment for your home.  It can be the efficiency of the water purifier to provide you with clean water without any harmful pollutants. In addition to this, some secondary factors include: the durability of the machine, the cost of the purifier, and the services which are being provided along with your purchase 

Importance of warranty

A key factor that people consider while choosing the right water purifier for themselves is the warranty period associated with the product. This is a key factor as the period of warranty assures people that they have the team's support in case any error occurs in their machinery or if their purifier is not working up to the mark. It means that your product is guaranteed and the consumer doesn't have to worry about any misfunction which might occur in the future. It is a reliable and trustful method to opt for the most suitable warranty period for your water purifier. 

Different suppliers offer various options for the warranty period associated with the warranty card of the product. Generally, the total warranty period revolves around 1-2 years based on the specifications of your RO as well as your subscription plan.

Features included in the warranty period

Annual maintenance 

The warranty period of RO includes different types of maintenance and checks which ensure that the working of the equipment is efficient and the consumer is receiving fresh and pure drinking water. Annual maintenance is done once a year to make sure that the purifier is in absolute working condition and that the quality of purification is not degraded over time. 

After-sales service 

During the period when the RO system is warranted, one can avail of the after-services if any dysfunction is observed in the working of the water purifier. In addition to this, if any replacement in the filters of the purifier or any mechanical part is required, the change is done free of cost as the RO system is warranted. 

In a case where total replacement of the machinery needs to be done, there are no additional charges. The warranty of the water purifier covers all the replacements or damages which might occur to the machinery. In turn, this helps to maintain the purity of drinking water that you receive through the water purifier. 

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a technique in which monthly or quarterly regular checks are done on the machine to ensure that it is working in the finest condition. Along with it, preventive maintenance is done to track any kind of problem which might occur in the water purifier to make a note of it in advance. This helps the technician recognize anything that might disrupt the functioning of the purifier in the long run. By doing this, the life of the equipment is increased as one is not waiting for something to go bad and then addressing it. It is regarded as an advanced check and cure system. 

Extended warranty 

Another way to make sure that your water purifier works for a long time can be achieved by extending the warranty period after the initial warranty of the water purifier ends. This can help one to achieve a long-lasting water purifier. In addition, this method increases the life of the equipment, as if a water purifier receives regular service in the warranty period then the purifier can easily provide pure drinking water for more than five years which is beneficial for our health. 

Livpure offers the best services and maintenance

It is one of the most trusted brands of RO water purifiers in India. Livpure Smart is a subscription-based service that offers an advanced water purifier system to access pure and clean drinking water. Backed by the superior engineering of Livpure products and cutting-edge technology, Livpure Smart is the future for today’s savvy consumers.

Livpure contains a warranty activation feature where you can log in with your details on the official website and can kick-start your warranty period once you start with your subscription plan. Livpure water purifiers come with smart mobile app connectivity that updates you whenever the filters need to be serviced or updated. It makes sure that all the spare parts or replacement filters are available on the website or in offline stores. Live pure provides not only the best after-sales service but also at no additional cost within your warranty period. Moreover, there is no extra cost for any kind of replacement of any part of the water purifier as well. Also, there is no extra cost for re-installation of the machine due to any particular reason like a replacement or a change in the address of the user. 

A lot of times consumers wonder if the technician visits are included in the subscription or if it has to be paid separately. The most amazing fact about Livpure is that there are neither any additional costs for technician visits nor any kind of replacement or cleaning of filters. Not only this but requesting a service visit is the smoothest process as well. You can easily get in touch with the support team through the helpline number, email, or by logging in on the website. 

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to the official website of Livpure and chose the most suitable water purifier for your home according to the condition of the water that you are receiving at your residence. 

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