Electric RO & UV Water Purifiers Online at Best Prices

Electric RO & UV Water Purifiers Online at Best Prices

Freshwater, which is water meant for human consumption, is a rare and treasurable resource. While the Earth’s surface is covered with water, only 1% of it can be used by humans. And with the rising pollution from industries and factories, even that is becoming unfit for consumption. Additionally, waterborne diseases are rising at an alarming rate, emphasizing further the importance of clean drinking water. As such, the demand for a good water purifier has skyrocketed, leading to many brands promising reliable, quality, and reasonably priced systems. The variety of products available today may be overwhelming for you. Keep reading to know the working, benefits, and feasibility of water purifiers.

What does it mean to have a water purifier that uses reverse osmosis (RO)?

It is a method of cleaning the water that involves passing water molecules across a membrane that is only partially permeable to water. Because of this, only water can pass through, which means that dissolved contaminants are left behind. Therefore, RO-purified water is free of microorganisms that are hazardous to your health as well as dissolved pollutants.

What is a UV water purifier system?

The ultraviolet (UV) rays that are emitted by a UV water filter system are what eliminate the potentially hazardous germs from the water. As a result, the water has been entirely cleansed of any potentially harmful organisms. A UV water filter is beneficial to one’s health because it eliminates any potentially hazardous bacteria that may be present in the water without altering its flavor.

Factors to consider before buying an electric water purifier

The price of a water purifier is an important consideration before making a buying decision but there are other costs as well that one must be aware of:

The price of replacing filters:

A major concern of almost all customers is to look after the price of the water purifier if it is under budget or not, and after that, if replacement is pocket friendly or not. Always try to choose an AMC feature that lowers repair prices if you want to avoid any impending confusion or filter repair expenditures. Before making a final decision, be sure to account for the cost of replacing the filters. The price depends on the type of water purifier you use. To avoid confusion and frustration in the future, learn in-depth about the cost of fixing the filters. Another smart choice you might make is to work with AMC, which will help to reduce the expenses of replacement and maintenance. To get access to this benefit you can choose Livpure, the best RO in India.

Electricity consumption:

If you are wondering about the amount of electricity that your water purifier will consume then relax. We have a super solution for the same! Livpure water purifier’s power consumption is quite less as it requires the use of a small amount of electricity, approximately 25 watts. Well, this factor also differs from family to family based on water usage.

For instance: If a family consumes 15 liters of water every day on average, their annual electric utilization will be roughly 1.52 units which is fine. You must go with a Livpure water purifier to save yourself from wasting extra money on electric charges.

Warranty provided

The warranty duration that comes with the RO water purifier is a crucial feature that people consider when selecting a safe water purifier for themselves. This is important since the warranty period ensures that customers will have the team’s help if their equipment malfunctions or their purifier does not perform as expected. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about any potential future malfunctions because your product is guaranteed. The most appropriate warranty time for the water purifier can be chosen using this method, which is dependable and trustworthy. For the warranty listed on the product’s warranty card, various providers provide a range of choices. Depending on the features of your RO and your subscription plan, the overall warranty duration often lasts between one and two years.

Daily Usage & Budget

When you are looking to buy an online water purifier, don’t forget to consider your family size or members. It is best to figure out if you are buying only for drinking or other purposes.

This information will give you an idea of what purifier to bring into your home.

If you have a lot of members, probably living in a joint family, you will need to buy one with a high output rate device that filters large amounts quickly. Besides, checking the daily use is vital as the system has a storage capacity to deliver water without electricity.

At the same time, your budget is vital when planning to buy a good water purifier. Though the price of a water purifier is usually high, it is a long-term investment that will be worth the money spent. It is thus recommended to look for a high-quality water purifier to buy online in India.

Where can you buy a water purifier online?

If you are looking for a water purifier at the best price, your search ends at Livpure.

The brand has established its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of water purifiers to deliver clean drinking water to your home. You will find different types and varieties of purifiers housed under Livpure that will suit your needs.

Whether it is a UV purifier, an RO system, or even a UV+RO water purifier system, you will find them all here at Livpure. Plus, the Livpure water purifier price is reasonable compared to others.

That said, you can also look for different RO maintenance plans to ensure your purifiers work for years to come. Livpure promises to deliver you only the high-quality systems that will do wonders for your home.

RO water purifier price depends on the model you choose as per your needs. Livpure offers a variety of purifiers for you to choose from:

  1. RO Water Purifier

Livpure RO is a technology used to purify water by forcing it through a semipermeable membrane. This process removes impurities such as salts, heavy metals, and chemicals from water. RO water purifier is one of the most effective water purifiers available on the market.

  1. UV Water Purifier

These water purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses present in water. They are very effective at removing microorganisms from water and are ideal for purifying water that is not too dirty.

  1. UV + UF Water Purifier

UV + UF water purifier uses a combination of ultraviolet light and ultrafiltration to purify water. This combination effectively removes bacteria, viruses, and other impurities from water.

A Livpure water purifier is the best purifier for families. Visit their website and buy yours today!

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