Effective ways to Purify drinking water

Effective ways to Purify drinking water

Health is a crucial part of our life. Therefore, it should be given utmost priority. One of the key components of staying healthy is ensuring that our body receives clean and pure drinking water. In the era of modernization, where advancement is taking place rapidly, one is often faced with cut-throat competition and a spike in the prices of every commodity. One aims to fit all their appliances in a specific budget and tries to find a water purifier in their budget. It is a common myth that the cost of a water purifier in India is expensive, whereas, in reality, the water purifier is cost-effective. Let's look at some of the reasons why buying a water purifier can be a budget-friendly idea, and also compare the original cost of RO with the alternate methods.

The alternate methods which are used to purify water can also consume time and energy and might take a longer time than the RO filter process and may even cost you a lot more than the RO filter cost. Moreover, one should be clear whether these alternative sources are reliable or not. 

Budget-friendly water purifiers are better than their alternatives

Usage of bottled water 

A water purifier not only presents us with the healthiest form of water but also makes it cost-effective as drinking bottled water for regular use can be a bit expensive and burn a hole in our pockets. If we use bottled water for our regular consumption it is going to cost us more than the annual budget of a water purifier subscription. Moreover, the number of plastic bottles which are going to be thrown away in the environment is going to deteriorate the environment as they are not eco-friendly. Hence, it's an economic method to go with a water purifier which comes at an affordable price to get pure drinking water.

Boiling tap water 

Another common method that is used in a plethora of Indian households is boiling tap water. If we compare the costs associated with boiling 5 liters of water every day over a stove or induction, it is not only going to cost us more electricity or gas as compared to the price of a 5 liter RO but also take a long time to purify the water as compared to the water purifier.

In addition, drinking water purified using boiling or other methods can lead to problems as boiling water can only treat solid particles and bacteria but it cannot address the presence of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, or harmful substances such as chlorine which is present in tap water. Although people aim to receive the natural minerals available in the water.  They technically end up including other hazardous heavy metals and ions in their diet. So, it is advised that one should drink water filtered through a water purifier.

Using an earthen pot to purify tap water

Some people prefer to purify and cool down the water using an earthen pot and we can find one in almost all households but this is a sort of equipment that requires regular cleaning and often. Requires to be replaced because of its decreased efficiency or any kind of leakage. It not being a reliable source to purify water and the need to replace it frequently can eventually cost us more than the budget-friendly water purifiers. Also, it is not guaranteed that it would remove all the hazardous heavy metals and ions present in hard water. Lastly, there are some other DIY techniques that people use to purify water in their homes but it is not proven that these techniques are reliable and safe for our health.

In turn, it can also be interpreted that going with an alternate method that does not guarantee water that is free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals [such as arsenic, lead, chlorine, and fluorine] can lead to various health hazards and eventually one has to pay for medicines or hospital services. So, why not go with the save option in the first place and make sure that we do not put our health in danger at all? 

Livpure offers cost-effective water purifiers

One of the best brands that offer budget-friendly water purifiers is Livpure. Livpure is a leading brand that offers RO filters and water purifiers at a reasonable and affordable price. It not only includes the manual cost of the water purifier but also offers after-sales services and maintenance of the equipment throughout the subscription plan. In addition to this, there are no additional charges for home demo visits, technician visits, installation, or shifting your equipment to a new address. Isn't that great? 

Livpure makes sure that you receive budget-friendly plans and acquire the services on time. There are numerous water purifiers available such as reverse osmosis water purifiers, UV and UF water purifiers, Gravity water purifiers, etc. the technician team visits your residence and guides you to the best cost-effective product after testing the water that you are receiving in your home. In addition, it always ensures the availability of replacement filters on the online portal as well as in offline stores.

One of the most striking features is that Livpure offers astonishing mobile app connectivity where you can get all the updates regarding your water purifier. Using the mobile application, one can track the amount of water filtered by the RO and receive an alert whenever a change is required in the filters of water purifiers. With that, you can quickly book your after-sales service session and you never have to worry about receiving pure and clean drinking water. Hence, with your subscription plan, you get everything under one roof!


It can be undeniably said that going for a water purifier is a budget-friendly idea in comparison with the alternate methods to purify water. Also, one should not compromise their health and safety by using any kind of unreliable techniques or DIY methods unless proven safe.

So, wait no longer and visit the official website of Livpure or reach the service team by call and select the right budget-friendly water purifier for your home.

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