Easy steps to remove stains from bed sheets

Easy steps to remove stains from bed sheets

Bed sheet stains are a big headache for people. You just bought a new crisp white bed sheets and pillow covers, and there are already coffee stains, ice-cream stains, grease, or oil stains, sweat patches, or body fluid stains from kids or pets- all over them, and you think that you will never get them out. You do not have to throw away your favorite bedsheet or use scientific and extremely expensive and professional solutions to get rid of them. Believe it or not, besides the usual methods of getting your bedsheet clean once again, such as bleach or magic washing powder, you also have a lot of other homemade DIY solutions and mixtures to fix them.

Do it yourself

No one enjoys removing stains from their favorite bedsheet or anything else- it is tiresome. However, stain removal can be done quickly and relatively effortlessly if you possess a little know-how. To help you get rid of those stubborn stains, we have put together a list of quick tips implemented by professional cleaners and hotels (those crisp white hotel bed sheets don’t have a huge secret behind them) that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Take action as soon as you notice sheet stain

We know it is often tempting to ignore smaller stains until the next routine wash but your chances of removing them easily and completely are greatly enhanced if you act quickly, before they really get stubborn and get set deep into the material. Start by rinsing the said patch with cold water, ensuring you thoroughly wet either side. Cold water is necessary, otherwise, it may set the stain deep. 

While this may well be all you would need for lighter stains, most will need a bit more work to send them on their way, away from your bed sheet. Have a glance and if there’s any sign of the stain left, even just a gentle discoloration- it’s time to get assistance from bicarbonate of soda.

Soda is your anti-stain buddy

Start by mixing one part of bicarb soda with two parts of water until you form a thick paste. Apply this to the stained area, which should still be damp from rinsing, and watch for it to dry completely, allowing the paste to lift the stain up and out of the material. Once dry, push aside the paste and residue before putting your sheets through the washing machine on a cold water setting. When the cycle’s finished, hang your sheets in the sun to dry. It’s important to not use the dryer here because the high temperatures will effectively bake even the tiniest residue of stain into your sheets, making it very difficult to get rid of or reduce in the future.

Soak and rinse

If you haven’t noticed the stain until it’s dried, then your sheets have to be soaked for up to eight hours before following the method above. The soaking will loosen the stain, making it easier to get rid of.

Use white vinegar

If the stain won’t budge, try soaking it in white vinegar for half an hour. Then put the sheets through a chilly wash cycle and dry them in the open, as mentioned above. If the stain doesn’t disappear completely, repeat the method right away or next time you set the sheets through the wash and you will see an improvement.

White vinegar is additionally great for eliminating odors. Add ¼ cup of it to the fabric softener dispenser of your washing machine and let it work its magic. Don’t worry if there’s a small vinegar smell when your sheets are wet, once they are dried in the open, there’ll be no scent left. Vinegar is additionally gentle, making it a perfect stain and odor remover for delicate fabrics like our gorgeous Egyptian cotton bed sheets, which are available on Livpure’s website.

Oil-based stains

Stains from make-up, tanning lotions, and other body products, require a unique approach- namely pre-soaking and lots of detergents. Prepare your washing machine along with your normal detergent, then add three squirts of dish-washing liquid and ¼ cup of Borax. If you are not acquainted with Borax, it’s a white powder well-known for its ability to get rid of both stains and odors. It is easily available in the market. 

If you can’t find it at your local supermarket, try online shopping as well. Put 1/3 cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener dispenser and choose a hot wash cycle. If your machine features a soaking option, even better. Soak your sheets for a half-hour before the spin cycle kicks in, this can increase your chances of successfully getting rid of the oily stain. 

Avoid bleach where possible, even on white sheets

Bleach is a harsh chemical and it is no friend to natural fibers. If you’re really struggling to get rid of that stubborn stain out of white sheets, try an oxygen-based bleach, which is gentler than its chlorine-based option. Remember that bleach, even oxygen-based formulations, should never be used on silk sheets or woolen blankets.

Don’t worry about washing off those stains

Now that you know several ways to get rid of those stains from the bed sheets you own, the next real question is- if we clean the bed sheets so much, will it last? The durability of bedsheets, especially comfortable and soft cotton bedsheets, has been in question for quite some time. Cotton can be softy and break apart if washed rigorously. But with technological advancements and research, Livpure Sleep has brought to you single ply, 300 thread count Egyptian cotton bedsheets with maximum durability possible. When you buy this bedsheet, you can forget about going to bedsheet shopping again. It is cool, breathable, extremely plush and luxurious, and skin-friendly. While it is available in many bed sizes- King queen, single, etc., it is also available in two variants, normal and fitted bed sheets

The protector of mattresses

Bed sheet stains are hard to get rid of, but mattress stains are more bothersome. Get rid of the problem of staining the mattress altogether with Livpure’s mattress protector. It is a waterproof bed cover that additionally gives you extra protection from dust, mites, and allergens. It absorbs natural moisture and protects your mattress from bodily fluids and accidental spills as well. It is removable and easy to wash as well. Available in different mattress sizes, this fitted bed cover will make your mattress last longer than you can imagine. When you have this protecting your mattress, you will sleep without tension all night long. 


Hopefully, you’ll know what to try and do next time you destroy your sheets with coffee, red wine, or fake tanning oil, or even accidental spills by your kids or animals. Treating stains correctly and treating your sheets well will extend the lifetime of your bedding, which in turn is great for your pocket and for the environment.

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