Drinking Chilled Water May Harm Your Body

Drinking Chilled Water May Harm Your Body

Is it part of your daily routine to head straight to the refrigerator as soon as you get home from work to satisfy your thirst and wash the day's tiredness away? Who, after all, wouldn't welcome a cold break in this oppressive heat? But did you realize that what you have been considering to be a great thirst quencher may actually be harming your digestive system? And the colder the water, the greater the repercussions. No matter how hot it is, Ayurveda warns against drinking chilly water. Drinking very chilly water at a meal or at any time is included under bad eating habits in Ayurveda.

Drinking chilled water may harm your body in several ways. Here are some disadvantages of drinking chilled water:

Limits Digestive Process:

According to experts, cold drinks and even chilled water constrict blood vessels and impede digestion. Additionally, it prevents the body's normal digestion-induced absorption of nutrients. As the body strives to balance its body temperature and the temperature of the water, it shifts its attention away from digestion, which can lead to water loss and make you feel dehydrated.

When you ingest anything really cold, your body adapts by using energy to raise its usual temperature, which is 37 degrees Celsius. The extra energy that is now used to control the body's temperature was initially required for digestion and nutrition absorption. This is why drinking water that is at room temperature is always a good idea.

Throat pain:

Another very clear reason why even your elders have been forbidding you from gulping down cold water is the greater likelihood that you will develop a sore throat and stuffy nose. Drinking cold water causes the respiratory tract's protective layer of mucus (respiratory mucosa) to thicken, particularly after eating. However, when the tract is clogged, it is more susceptible to inflammatory infections in general.

Prevents Fat Breakdown:

According to experts, drinking chilled water soon after a meal will cause the fats from the food you just ate to solidify, making it more difficult for your body to break down the extra fats in your body. Water should not be consumed right away after eating, anyway. Ideally, you should wait for thirty minutes after a meal before drinking water.

Might Reduce Heart Rate:

Cold water may also have a role in lowering your heart rate, according to certain research. It is said that ice water activates the vagus nerve, the eleventh cranial nerve. This nerve, which is an important component of the body's autonomic nervous system, is what causes the heart rate to slow down. When you drink chilled water, the water's low temperature triggers a neuron that lowers your heart rate.

The Shock Factor:

Additionally, drinking chilled water after working out is not advised. After working out, gym professionals advise drinking a glass of warm water. When you exercise, a lot of heat is produced, and if you immediately drink ice-cold water afterward, the incongruity of temperatures may harm your digestive system. Additionally, the chilled water is useless because your body cannot absorb it. Some individuals also express complaints of persistent stomach pain as a result of drinking cold water immediately following exercise. This is due to the shock that ice-cold water causes to your body.

Tooth Sensitivity And Dental Caries:

Drinking cold water is not suggested for those who have teeth that are sensitive or cavities since it may cause damage to the teeth and injury to dental health and does not have any positive effects. In some circumstances, dental fillings might be harmed by the use of cold water. Warm water is advised because of its comfortable temperature and is safe to use on sensitive teeth.

Health Advantages Of Warm Water

The usage of warm water has the potential to flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body. It has been suggested that you drink warm water first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed.

The following are some of the benefits of warm water consumption:

  • It Keeps You Hydrated: The hydration benefits of drinking warm water are akin to consuming room-temperature water. It is recommended that adults consume upwards of 2 liters of healthy water every day. Additionally, consuming warm water has alleviated the discomfort associated with menstrual cramps in the stomach.

The beginning of menstruation, for many women, is accompanied by cramping and discomfort in the abdominal region. Drinking warm water might assist relieve discomfort.

  • It Helps You Slim Down: As a result of the rapid rise in internal temperature caused by drinking warm water, your thermoregulation system is activated. Your body starts to lower your internal temperature to make up for the temperature of the water. All of these kick-start your metabolism, making weight reduction easier to accomplish. If you’re carrying around excess water weight, drinking warm water might help you lose it.
  • Promotes Digestion: Warm water soothes and stimulates the digestive system. When you drink healthy water, it travels through your esophagus and stomach before reaching your intestines, where it helps flush out waste and toxins while also keeping your digestive organs healthy and functioning.

If you’ve eaten anything, your body can’t digest, drinking a cup of warm water will help break it down, dissolve it, and flush it out of your system.

  • Provides Your Body With Essential Nutrients: If your water purifier is a hot water purifier, it may just be the best purchase you have ever made. While warm water purifiers prevent the present nutrients from burning off, instead of boiling the water on the stove, an in-built mineraliser also replenishes nutrients.

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These were a few justifications for avoiding chilly water. This does not mean that you should quit drinking water, as doing so would be detrimental. Drink water that is room temperature and make sure a cold water purifier is fitted if you want to prevent the issues stated above. It is similarly crucial to pay close attention to the quality of the water you are drinking in light of the rising levels of pollution.

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