Dream Interpretation - Driving

Dream Interpretation - Driving

We all have recurring dreams, it can be about falling, flying, or being chased, and more. Most recurring dream follow a theme, it differs from person to person. Many believe that these dreams carry some message or tell us about our inner feelings. 

Dreams about driving can have different meanings based on what you see in the dream. Broadly speaking of dreams about driving, they usually signify a change in your life. Various factors of your dreams can specifically point to a particular change that may occur in your life. Moreover, dream interpretation can vary depending on a person’s gender. 

When your dream involves driving is essential to focus on the following factors: 

1. Who’s driving:

The one who’s handling the wheel is the one influencing your life decisions. This person can be you, or someone who is controlling your life’s choices. It could be indicative of taking over the command of your life. 

2. Your feeling being a passenger:

In the dream, if your feelings about being driven around are happy or relaxed, there’s nothing to worry about. Happiness while being driven here symbolizes that you are driving with your subconscious mind. 

3. Circumstances of your dream:

Have you reached your destination safely? Are you lost or met with an accident? Your safe arrival at the destinations means you are on the right track. If there’s a break in your journey, you may want to reconsider your course of action in life. A crash may be related to your emotional or physical exhaustion. 

4. How fast was the car:

In the dream, if the car is moving fast then it shows quick decision making and fast-paced life. It can be rash hence consider slowing down to avoid burnout. 

5. Was it a night drive? :

A night drive represents your vision. You need to broaden your horizons to actually tap into your greatest potential. Get out of the darkness and power your life. On the other hand, a daytime drive is a good sign as it depicts a caring personality and clear distance in life.

Dreams are not predictions but reveal your emotional and inner feelings. So, tap into the right energy to make a positive change in your life.


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