Do you know the facts about Livpure water purifiers?

Do you know the facts about Livpure water purifiers?

We all know the importance of water purification systems in our homes. With the alarming amount of water pollution and scarcity of clean water, water purification has become necessary in most households. Installation of water purifiers is non-negotiable, especially in places that receive poor-quality water. In many parts of India, people do not have the access to clean and hygienic drinking water. Consumption of poor-quality water can lead to water-borne diseases and other health risks. 

Pure, clean, and bacteria-free water is a necessity for every human being. With the help of water purifiers, we can archive clean and safe drinking water. At each stage, the water purification process ensures the water is thoroughly purified and clean. In fact, advanced technology found in water purifiers today makes it possible to have healthy and tasty drinking water. The added minerals and high-quality purification ensure an uninterrupted flow of healthy water throughout the day. 

Why should you have a water purifier at home?

Water purification and filtration work on the same principle of taking in the raw water and giving an output of purified water.  

  • Provides uninterrupted drinking water
  • Removes impurities, bacteria, and viruses from the drinking water
  • RO water purifier controls the TDS content of the water
  • Enhances the taste of water and adds essential minerals to the drinking water

However, it is important to know more about our water purification to understand its functionalities and process. Given the quality of water these days, it has become even more important for us to be aware of purification techniques and the available water purifiers in the market to ensure that our drinking water is of good quality. 

Facts about Livpure water purifiers that you must know: 

1. 8-Stage Water Purification Process 

8-Stage Water Purification Process is the highest purification process in Livpure RO with 8 different water purification filters. These filters are fitted into the machine to clean and purify the water. The following are the filters present in an 8-stage purification process:

Super Sediment filter

This filter in Livpure water purification works as a strainer for impurities and particles present in the water. As the first process of purification, the Super Sediment filter reduces the sedimentation in the water as it passes through the filter. The important thing to remember is that it does not remove chemicals or bacteria from the water. 

Carbon Block Filter

This filter is made of compressed carbon; used as a pre-filters in reverse osmosis and other water filtering systems to remove contaminants from the water. 

PA Filter

The PA filter ensures that the water is clean and safe for drinking purposes. 

RO Membrane-HR

This membrane drives water molecules through a semipermeable membrane by applying pressure, the reverse osmosis (RO) method of water treatment eliminates impurities from water.

Mineralizer: Calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron are some of the vital elements that are necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies. The mineralizer is to maintain a balance of essential minerals and salts in the drinking water for health reasons. 

Copper 29 Cartridge

The coper 29 cartridge ensures the purified water absorbs the benefits of copper. With this stage of purification, you get the goodness of copper in your drinking water.  

UF Cartridge

Water is driven through a semipermeable membrane during the water purification process using an ultrafiltration cartridge. Water and low-molecular-weight solutes pass through the membrane to the permeate side while suspended particles and high-molecular-weight solutes stay on the opposite side, the retentate side.

In-tank UV Sterilization: The UV sterilization filter UV eliminate microorganisms in the water by killing them with ultraviolet light. Water-borne bacteria are fully destroyed by UV rays, and their DNA is damaged, preventing them from reproducing.

3. Machines come with an Advanced TDS Controller, Mineralizer and Taste Enhancer

Most premium Livpure water purifiers feature the following mechanism to improve the taste of the drinking water.

TDS Controller: The TDS controller enables the water purifier to tackle water with up to 2000 ppm TDS levels. 

Mineralizer: The purpose of the mineralizer is to keep the balance of necessary minerals and salts in the drinking water. The right balance of these minerals in the water keeps the taste intact. 

Taste Enhancer: The taste enhancer helps in improving the taste of the water once it is purified thoroughly. 

4. Made in India

Livpure water purifiers are manufactured and assembled in India. Livpure has multiple plants across the country to produce high-quality products with help of our skilled staff. With over 1000+ certified engineers across the country, we provide timely service and repair solutions to our customers. With each year, we are crossing the mark and reaching out to more customers. Presently, Livpure has 1M+ happy customers family which growing steadily each day. 

4. Preventive Maintenance - Gold & Silver plan

With Livpure water purifiers, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the machine. base d on the model you are purchasing, our company offers multiple Free maintenance offers – a free filter change option, 1 Year warranty, and preventive maintenance plans. Read the product description carefully before making a purchase online. Apart from this Livpure offer two preventive maintenance plans — Gold & Silver.

Silver Gold
Two free service visits Two free service visits
Preventive maintenance  Preventive maintenance 
Filter change Filter change
Expert advice from engineers Expert advice from engineers
Membrane change Membrane change
Filter change Filter change
Electric and electronic spare* Electric and electronic spare*

5. Water Purifier Online Demo

Having doubts regarding the product? Livpure also offers product demonstrations online. Just give us a call to experience a showroom-like demonstration over a video call. We ensure complete privacy with one-way communication. Simply, book your appointment at a scheduled time and view the product live. 

We hope this helped you know about Livpure. For more information about the Livpure water purifiers, check out here

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