Do You Know Food Can Affect Your Sleep?

Do You Know Food Can Affect Your Sleep?

Whether or not we get high-quality sleep in the dark relies a lot upon what time we turn in our bed and what time we set the alarm for. That features everything from what amount of exercise we get to what proportion of time we spend under the sun to what quantity of time we spend towards our phones and computer screens.

Therefore, the combination of foods and drinks we fuel our bodies with throughout the day also gets a very important spot on its list. It might seem obvious why a double espresso after dinner might disrupt your sleep that night - as might a fatty plate of food. The connection between a noontime salad and your slumber is somewhat less straightforward- but it’s a crucial one. Having healthy food habits affects our brain health and activity.

The right balance

If you’ve been counting calories and hitting the gym but staying up all night to end those Netflix marathons, you'll be hurting your own progress. To get your body to its prime operating level, you would like to balance your exercise, food habits,. Together, exercise, diet, and sleep create inspiration for long-term health and well-being. Working hand in hand, a healthy diet can facilitate your go to sleep fast, enhance sleep quality and duration, and getting consistent high-quality sleep can actually facilitate you eating better. Research shows that when sleep-deprived, you’re more likely to consume foods high in calories, fat, and sugar.

Relationship Between Diet and Sleep

What your sleep-friendly diet should look like? 

Broadly speaking, your sleep diet looks like something of a weight loss diet. A sleep-promoting diet is balanced and has fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy. Be cautious of supplements for sleeping as many don't seem to be as effective as advertised. A diet healthy for sleep also manages portion size and limits amounts of high-sugar and heavily processed foods you are taking in daily. Nutrients found in an exceeding range of healthy foods provide particular benefits to fall asleep. The best thing? It will also manage your weight problems well. 

Foods that keep you awake

While many foods are sleep-inducing, other foods can actually cause trouble sleeping. Foods that may interfere with sleep include high-sugar, high-carbohydrate, heavily-processed foods. The food that’s problematic for your weight may be troublesome to your sleep as well. Eating sugary foods throughout the day can cause pronounced changes to blood glucose, which might evoke feelings of fatigue which will alter your daily routine and your sleep patterns in the dead of night. Large meals that are high in carbohydrates can have the same effect on glucose. Eating heavy meals near bedtime interferes with the body’s process of winding down for sleep. Caffeine and nicotine also will keep you awake.

Eating before bed

That said, it’s not a decent idea to retire to bed hungry. An empty, rumbling stomach may be distracting, and make it tougher to go to sleep. Still, it’s best to avoid large meals near bedtime. Being too full at bedtime may interfere with falling asleep, and sleep quality through the night is often disrupted because the body works to digest. If you need to eat before bed, a lightweight snack like yogurt, a banana, a little bowl of low-sugar cereal, or perhaps a nighttime smoothie for weight loss may be a smart choice. Warm milk also helps to sleep.

You do want to drink the maximum amount of water as well- the recommended amount is three to four liters a day. Staying hydrated throughout the day promotes alertness and focus, and might help minimize shifts in energy levels. Dehydration ends up in feeling sluggish and tired, which may eventually disrupt sleep patterns. Fixing food habits will help you create good sleep habits as well. 

Sleep tips for a better snooze

Now that we know how food habits affect sleep, let us discuss some simple things we can do to create a balance. 

Lay off the booze

A glass of wine can definitely help you snooze off easily, but there’s research that shows it actually disturbs the standard of your sleep later in the night. Alcohol has the effect of knocking you out pretty right away, so your body spends longer early in the night within the deep sleep stage than usual, which happens around 2-3 hours into your sleep.

But your sleep cycle rebounds and your brain tends to then keep you within the lighter sleep stages the rest of the night. The result- you wake up feeling less rested the morning after an evening of heavy drinking. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to swear off from a drink or two. Drinking moderately and not drinking too near bedtime is the key here. 

Avoid heavily spicy and fatty food before sleeping

Heavily spicy food or fatty food is harder to digest and cause indigestion or acid reflux easily if consumed before bedtime. Indigestion before bedtime can cause irritability and makes it harder to drift off to the dream world. 

Eat a light dinner anyway!

It is best to have a light dinner and heavier meals during the day. Eating lighter during the night will be easier to digest and you can drift off easily. If you feel very hungry after dinnertime, have a light drink like bedtime tea or milk or have a tiny, low-fat snack or a fruit. But then again, if big dinners don’t affect your habits, you do not forcibly need to change your pattern. But if you are trying to find a solution for putting an end to bad sleep quality, you might have to look into your food habits. 

Make your bedroom environment sleep-friendly

The most important thing you need to do is make your bedroom a haven for a snooze. Get dark curtains so that you are not awakened before you have a complete slumber, make the room temperature and humidity controlled, Get a comfortable mattress and pillow suitable to your body’s needs, etc. While you take care of your sleep habits, let us take care of your sleeping needs- find mattresses and other needs at Livpure! Come explore Livpure’s website to not only find a variety of sleeping needs that are comfortable, luxurious, and pocket friendly, it is also delivered right at your doorstep. You don’t need to break a sweat over burying anything for your bedroom because you can do it all from the comfort of your chair!  


Everything in this world is about creating the right balance- and food and sleep are two of the most important parts of our lives and they need balance too. Our sleeping tips might help you in changing your sleeping patterns for the better, but it is all on you to create a balanced lifestyle. With the New Year coming, let us all make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle! 

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