Disrupted Sleep Cycle May Elevate Corona Virus Threat

Disrupted Sleep Cycle May Elevate Corona Virus Threat

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, people continue to get more and more anxious about their health and that of their loved ones. While coping up with the current change is undoubtedly stressful but worrying too much may ‘turn the things uglier’. The relentless fret about the havoc spread by the dreadful Covid-19 leads to mental trauma and disturbed sleep cycle and sleep disorder for many people. Since the yesteryears, doctors recommend proper rest as one of the primary medications to cure critical illness. However, in the present challenging era of the Corona Virus, peaceful sleep is under serious peril.

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” ~ Thomas Dekker

Sleep and wellness have intimate interconnection, and the former is one of the proven strategies to boost immune systems. According to medical researchers, the strong immune system sets a person at a lower risk from Covid-19. However, self-care and a positive mindset are the two major ways to regulate the proper resting cycle. Sound sleep is the first step towards personal care because it is one of the fundamentals of a strong physical resistance power. Maintenance of personal and environmental hygiene, regular work-out, a balance between work and daily chores, productive free-time are few of the basics of self-care that lead to mental relaxation and improve the sleep cycle.

How disturbed sleep increases the risk of getting affected by Corona Virus?

Sleep disorder leaves a person mentally and physically unsteady. Moreover, it hits the immune system severely and results in several critical ailments, including cardiovascular and respiratory maladies, which finally lead to dangerous medical conditions like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

OSA is a serious ailment in which there are frequent pauses while breathing during sleep that results in disruption of oxygen supply to the brain and other parts of the body. This critical medical condition results in inflammations that may influence the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders in the human body by increasing the plasma C-reactive protein (CRP). Higher levels of C reactive protein (CRP) increases the risk of Covid-19 infection as it is one of the diagnostic markers to identify the severity of the patient’s condition. The higher CRP level identifies the critical Corona Virus patients who need special care. Moreover, the oxygen saturation by sleep apnea may also add to the risk of infection by the dangerous virus. According to the doctors, the normal blood oxygen saturation level (SPo2) for a healthy person is around 95–100%. The oxygen level below 95% signifies that there is a lung problem, which is one of the indicators of Corona Virus diagnosis. The SPo2 level below 92% indicates that the person is critically ill and may need immediate hospitalization for supplementary oxygen supply and further treatment.

Thus, it is evident that sleep disorders may lead to the susceptibility of Novel Corona Virus infection in humans. Proper rest at night not only heals the physical and mental wear and tears but is also a highly effective clinical remedy to several ailments.

How to maintain your sleep cycle during Corona Virus pandemic?

Stress level elevation during this pandemic is quite natural, but it affects human health crucially. Working and learning from home is being dubbed as the ‘new normal’. While it is a proven fact that to control Covid19 outbreak, people must stay indoors and step out only in a dire state, but the present condition is not usual for humans. Presently schools, offices, co-curricular activities, and even socializing are dependent on digital platforms leaving people at home confinement with minimum exposure to the natural environment. This bizarre has brought in several chronic medical conditions that include a disturbedsleep cycle.

People are still trying to adapt to the present state of restriction effects across the globe. The daily challenges due to the alterations in schedule add extra pressure and turned things upside down. Additionally, too many information available online can keep the mind racing and elevate anxiety. Proper sleep is one of the few proven strategies that can strengthen the immune system and help in physical wellness as well as to calm down healing the boggling minds and motivate in positive thinking.  

 Things to avoid for a sound sleep during the challenging Corona Virus pandemic

Avoid short naps: Short naps during the day may disturb the resting schedule for the night. A proper plan for daily chores and time for rest is one of the crucial steps to get sound sleep at night. Hence, regularity in going to bed at night and waking up in the morning daily at the same time can help to avoid the urge of short naps throughout the day.

Avoid too much information: Positivity during a pandemic is challenging but, many worries with daily raise in the graph of casualties due to Corona Virus leads to a negative mindset that hampers health and results in sleep disorders. Hence, it is crucial to avoid exposure to too much information regarding morbidity.

Avoid a sluggish mindset: “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”- this famous proverb is proven in many instances this pandemic. An empty mind is vulnerable to negative thinking which leads to a disastrous effect on health and affects sleep cycle. It is vital to engage in activities like regular work-out, quality family time, productive hobbies, etc.

Avoid compromising on bed accessoriesIt is essential to have the right sleep products for a calm and composed ambience for resting. After a tiresome day, crashing down on a comfortable bed helps to get sound sleep immediately. Otherwise, uncomfortable bed accessories may lead to disturbance leading to insomnia in many cases.

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