Different Types of Sleepers

Different Types of Sleepers

Sleeping habits are one of the most important aspects of our existence. Getting adequate and proper rest sets up our bodies, minds, and souls for a healthy living. Eight hours of sleep is generally considered as adequate as well as necessary for that slumberous rejuvenation. 

Additionally, other ingredients for good rest hours are a clean and cool environment, a proper diet before one’s sleep hours and letting go of stressful thoughts. However, being the unique folks that we all are in our varied lifestyles, we do find a number of different kinds of sleeping habits. Let’s take a look at a few examples. 

Having a routine with our sleeping habits is considering the most healthy slumber hours one may be lucky to have. These are people who have accustomed themselves to shut their eyes around a specific hour, which in turn allows them to wake up with a well rested self. 

There are opinions on the sleep time a routine is set at, and yes, sleeping at the right hour is indeed beneficial. But, this is not always possible for everyone due to work timings or duties. However, routine here is the important word. 

The opposite side of the spectrum from a routine sleeper is an insomniac. Insomnia is a troublesome problem for many people and can be caused due to a number of reasons. Stress is one of the main causes of this condition as it refuses to let one’s mind relax. 

Today, there are other causes too, with many lives being bombarded through the day with terrible dietary choices. An example of this would be the sugar and caffeine stacked energy drinks being consumed late in the evening. These beverages stop folks from sleeping which in time allows insomnia to take a hold on oneself. Insomnia is troublesome for sure and should be dealt with as early as possible, either with the help of a doctor or by changes to a person’s lifestyle. 

There are also folks who do not have a routine and do not have insomnia. These are arguably the most common especially within youths. They sleep as and when they’d find it necessary regardless of the time or place. Again, not a healthy way to live especially if one is not in their younger years. Youthfulness is a beautiful time of absolute energy running though our bodies and can deal with these bad sleep decisions. But, there is a toll to be paid which will be noticed as the years move on. 

There is another side to the types of sleepers we have. Routine, insomniac, or youthful randomness all have a sub category too. You find light sleepers, heavy sleepers, people that need sound around them and some that want a pitch black room with silence being key. 

Light sleepers wake up by the slightest noise around them even though they may be in a deep slumber. Heavy sleepers, (such as yours truly who has slept through an earthquake in the past) can sleep through cannon fire. As mentioned, some prefer a low light and a little sound in order to find pleasant sleep while others prefer darkness and silence. Either way, sleep is, as we continue to mention, a hugely important part of our living and should be paid it due respect. 

Eat well folks, have a cool and clean space which can be found with Livpure’s brilliant memory foam cool gel mattresses and pillows and get those much needed hours of rest. If sleep hours are done correctly, you might not miss out on those early morning tunes by our feathered earthlings. 

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