Decorate your bedroom like Insta pictures

Decorate your bedroom like Insta pictures

These days, all of us are addicted to social media. We drool over those beautiful bedrooms from the expensive looking pictures. But you just don’t have to drool over, you can make your own bedroom into one of those drool-worthy snapshots. We have put together some examples- choose your aesthetic and let us guide you! 

The young and earthy bedroom

This is for the people who like neutral and earthy tones in their bedroom, and also like to keep it cozy and warm all year long. Let’s start from the windows. You would like to layer your windows with two kinds of curtains- a lacey, transparent one and the blackout curtains. You can open the blackout curtains during the day and let some light stream in through the transparent ones, making your room look beautiful. Use the blackout curtains for the early summer mornings. 

Next comes the bed. Use a thick mattress on the bed. Then layer it with white bedsheets and earthy toned blankets and throws to keep it looking comfy. Add a few pillows to increase the comfort level. Add some big but dim lights to the wall. Natural sunlight should do the trick during the day anyways. Add some candles, fake flowers, or real ones, add a nice antique side table from your local thrift store, and your Instagram worthy earthy room is ready! 

The white and sunny bedroom

This is for the summer love, one with a natural personality. The pristine white bedroom not only gives a sense of calm and purity, but it also looks amazing on those Instagram posts. Start with the bed- a soft and comfortable cooling gel memory foam mattress from Livpure to keep you cool during the summers, white Egyptian cotton bed sheets to keep you sweat free, some memory foam pillows to throw into the bed. Keep the layer on the bed to the minimum to give it a clean look. 

If you like the sun, keep the windows clean. But if you would like to sleep through the summer mornings, use white curtains from Livpure to match the bedroom aesthetics. To add as bedroom decor, you can add a small potted plant or a few white photo frames- a tiny bit of color would only break the monotone and would help the bedroom pop more in those pictures. 

The Gypsy bedroom

In a gypsy state of mind but stuck in your room due to the horrible situation outside? This room decor is just for you. It is a play of earthy color tones and minimalism. The walls and ceilings are to be adorned with dream catchers and feathers for the dreamer and the untamed in you. The bed looks cozy and comfy- some layering but minimalistic. The addition of dark, blackout curtains will make it better to sleep during the early summer mornings and keep the room cool. The frugality in the decor does not show in this kind of bedroom- it just looks hip. The perfect mattress in this bedroom is Vital from Livpure Sleep, the best pocket friendly mattress you can buy! 

The ethnic-inspired bedroom

All the cane furniture and the greens attract you? You must be the one who wants to be close to nature even when you sleep. This kind of bedroom is perfect for you and your Instagram pictures. The bedroom should be a good mix of dark and light colors to give the perfect replica of nature- the sun and the greens. Do you know what will just be perfect for this bedroom? Livpure’s Naturale mattress- the ayurvedic foam mattress which is sourced from natural materials from Kerala and gives you a sleeping experience one with nature. 

The minimalist zen room 

This is the bedroom for you if your sense of style is minimalistic and no mess. A thick, comfortable mattress on the floor, preferably with a non-skid base for it to stay put. Some dark bed sheets to match the subtle interiors. A couple of soft pillows to use, and you are done. Let the view from the window and the bedroom’s minimalistic bedroom decor drive your Instagram worthy pictures! 

The bachelor pad

This is the room you dreamt of having when you grew up. The hip, yet dark, the right amount of funk and goth, and just a zing of color. Match the bedroom with blackout curtains on the windows- for when you want to sleep till late, hungover or not! The minimal zing of color is just enough to make it not boring. Add a couple of your favorite posters and band pictures to finish the bedroom. 

The kid’s bedroom

Are you that Instagram addicted millennial parent, wanting to show off your kid’s bedroom? Decorate it with quirky colors and bedroom decor for your kid. Let them have a say in the choice of colors and furnishing. Add a comfortable single mattress to their cot and voila- you have a happy kid with a lot of social media followers! Just to add that extra zing, throw in some colorful pillows, books, and toys for the perfect picture aesthetics. 

The Livpure advantage

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After you are done decorating, get ready to click those pictures. Redecorating your bedrooms can just be the perfect lockdown pass time for you- take it up as a hobby. And remember, the perfect bedroom will also give you the perfect sleep! 

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