Custom Gifts for the Newlywed Couple

Custom Gifts for the Newlywed Couple

Buying gifts for a newlywed couple can be quite a gamble. You never know what you should give and how much it should cost, as a lot of people will be gifting as well and you don’t want to give something too common or too useless. But if you favor thinking outside the box, what’s the simplest way to make sure the present you choose is certain to please? Make it personal.

Monogramming something as simple as a collection of bath towels, bed sheet sets, pillow sets, or a chopping board instantly makes them feel more special. Or, incorporate the marriage date or location into a bit of art— it's a simple way of creating an heirloom that’s certain to be treasured for years to come. Not to say that if you’re trying to find a marriage gift for your soon-to-be spouse, going the custom route is the best move you can do to start off your life together. 

List of the simplest personalized wedding gifts -

Monogrammed towel set

You must’ve seen your parents and family gifting each other towel sets all the time, and honestly, it is an amazingly useful gift to anyone. But how to take it up a notch higher while gifting? The answer is a monogrammed towel set. You can sew up the newlywed couple’s initials or their names on separate towels to make it his and her set, or get it sewn on or monogrammed by a tailor or a shop specializing in these things. You want to get them the best towel set that will last them for years and is environment friendly as well? Livpure’s Bamboo fiber towel set comes in different sets and is of top-shelf quality, comes with a warranty, and will be delivered to your doorstep quickly. 

Engraved cutlery set

Move away from the boring dinner and cutlery sets and give it a personal touch. You can get a nice silver cutlery set of a common stainless steel one nicely engraved with initials, bride and groom’s names or family names to be used as a personalized gift. 

Custom-sized mattress 

Do you know the newlywed couple up close and want them to start their happily married life with a comfortable bed? Try to get to know their bed size and offer to get them a nice custom-sized mattress for their bed. If they already have a bed, a mattress would be the ideal gift. If they don’t, ask your friends or their family if they would like to chip in for the perfect combo gift of a bed and mattress. Where will you get a custom-sized mattress? Only at Livpure! Livpure Sleep not only has a wide variety of mattresses for different needs, but it also has many sizes- the usual king, queen, and single, and also comes with an option of customizing the sizes according to the bed. Look no further than Livpure for mattresses. It also comes with convenient packaging so that you can carry over your gift to the couple’s house! If not, it will be delivered right to their doorstep at a really fast speed! 

Customized bedding

Get over the same old boring bed sheet set you have been gifting all these years. Gift the newlywed couple the ultimate luxury with Livpure’s Egyptian cotton bed sheet set in a wide range of exciting colors and sizes. The newlywed couple you want to give it deserves the ultimate luxury and comfort to start off their new exciting life with, and this would be the perfect addition to their bedroom.

Not only that, to add to their bed, you can also find on Livpure’s website a luxurious comforter in different colors and sizes, made of pure luxury. These would make an amazing gift for the newlyweds. If you want to add a personal touch to these, buy the bedsheets and monogram the newlyweds’ initials in the bedsheet. If you are buying a matching set of comforters for the two, monogram their names to each one so that they don’t fight over them at all! 

Date night cookbook

Are you known as a pretty decent cook or do you possess a wide variety of family recipes? You can make a date night cookbook for the couple or a bunch of recipe cards and it would be the perfect personalized gift. It is not only a very personal gift, but it is also to be enjoyed for years and generations. It makes for a perfect date night or a cookout session for a newlywed couple (also helps the amateur cooks in them). They are sure to remember you for this gifts for a really long time. 

His and her pillow set

Do you see those cute DIY bedroom pictures on Pinterest all day long and wish to get them for someone? While you might not be able to help out your newlywed friends over their whole interiors of the bedroom, you can get them started or inspired by gifting them his and her pillow set. How to get them his and her pillow set? All you have to do is a monogram or buy already printed pillow covers and get some really good quality pillows from Livpure. You can get a huge range of pillows for their every need. If you know them well, you might also know their preferences. You can also get a pillow set cover with our Egyptian cotton bed sheet set which would be a lovely addition as well. 


You would like to give the same luxury you enjoy to your friends as well, and a wedding calls for a special occasion for gifting. Move away from boring gifts and customize luxurious gifts for your newlywed friends and family. Gift them monogrammed bed sheets sets, pillow sets, cutlery, etc. When you give your friends something with an added personal touch, they are to remember you for a long time to come for your kindness. 

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