Curtains: The hottest trend for cool summer

Curtains: The hottest trend for cool summer

Curtains are probably the most popular window coverings of all the choices, and it has its reasons. These coverings are available in a plethora of textures, fabrics, designs, and patterns to fulfill all types of aesthetic requirements. There are many options like blinds, shades, shutters for covering your window, but curtains are usually preferred and are an integral part of every home. If you're about to install new coverings then take a look at the benefits we list out below before you make up your mind about curtains. 

Advantages of Curtains

Flexibility and Customizable

Curtains are one in all the foremost flexible window coverings. This is because they are available in a variety of options. You get to choose from an extensive range of colors, fabrics and patterns to match your interiors. You can even layer it, with a thick curtain and a sheer or semi-sheer one on top of it. They are also highly customizable. You can get the exact measurements and shape of curtains that you require. Also, they can be used for any window in the house, unlike other window coverings that are highly specific and not easily removable.

Energy efficiency

Curtains are an excellent way to keep the cruel bright sunlight out of your home. This helps to keep the interiors cool and additionally protects furniture, flooring, artifacts, accessories, etc. In winters, they assist in retaining the heat of an area making the interiors comfortable. This makes an energy-efficient option that results in considerable savings in energy costs.

Light Control

Curtains help in the easy management of natural light coming into the house. The selection of cloth and texture of curtains is additionally a vital determinant in controlling the sunshine that comes into your home. You can avoid bright glaring external lights and let mellow lights create their magic with the correct reasonable curtains.


Curtains also augment the safety of a home by preventing external sources from peeping into personal spaces. Electric or motorized options are easy to handle and have pre-set timers that are drawn in at a specified hour giving the impression of individuals being indoors whether or not they are not.

Affordable and sturdy

Curtains are available in a good range of costs depending upon what you select for your home. There are options to suit every pocket and budget. Another advantage of this can be that since they are affordable, you can choose to change them often and select new looks for your home without much financial impact. Nowadays are of superior quality and last really long if well taken care of in the right manner.

Manage Privacy

Curtains are ideal to manage and maintain privacy in your home and restrict prying glares. Privacy is especially needed in areas just like the front room, bedroom, and study. You draw the it to form that ambiance without curious glances of outsiders. This can be true especially if you're a resident of a high-rise apartment, where you've got other occupied buildings at close quarters. While movable curtains are better for rooms, blinds are better for study and washrooms. 

Let’s talk about trends!

How do you decorate your bedroom this summer with curtains? Curtains are just what you need to oomph up your summery bedroom. A couple of layers- one sheer and one blackout, can give you everything you want. The sunlight when you want and the darkness for feeling cozy and sleepy. How can you give your bedroom the perfect look? Read on! 


Floral curtains take you right from the spring to the summer season. Not only it looks cheerful and joyous, but it also can bring the right colors to your mood after a long cold winter. 

Lace curtains

Lace curtains are less dense than others, can give you a feel of luxury, and lets the airflow easily. It is a perfect addition for the sheer curtain- just when you want the light and air in your room. It helps the room be breezy and comfortable, and saves energy as well!

Soft hues

Because dark colors absorb more heat than others, it makes sense to choose curtains in softer colors during the summer season. Light hues can give a nice earthy or coastal touch to a soft-colored room as well, making it look resort-like. A floor to ceiling designed curtain can also give a plush look to the room while keeping the sunlight partially away. 

Blackout curtains

This is exactly what you need to fight off the bright sunlight on early summer mornings. Keep the light and heat out with these curtains and sleep better. 

Is sunlight interrupting your peaceful sleep this summer? 

Is the early morning sunlight sneaking into your bedroom and annoying you every morning? Yes, we know the sun rises early during summers, and all of us are having sleeping problems. But sometimes, we might have sleeping problems in the darkness as well. Have you been finding it difficult to sleep due to bright lights at night and unwanted noises outside your home? No more of all that with Livpure’s Blackout Curtains. 

Livpure Sleep's curtains use Triple Weave Technology with all three layers of fabric interwoven to ensure protection from UV rays and insulate your home against heat and cold for energy efficiency. It also comes in exciting colors and a year of warranty, so that you can be tension-free about your investment. The oncoming summers are a perfect time to invest in curtains like ours! 

The bottom line…

Good curtains can help transform any space into a room that you can enjoy all year round! Make your room summer-ready with a change of curtains and bring in joy! 

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