Curate Your Perfect Summer Bedroom

Curate Your Perfect Summer Bedroom

As the weather heats up, the comfortable bedroom that was your sanctuary for the other parts of the year may suddenly leave you tossing and turning all night. To make a bedroom that is summer heaven, you would want to swap out the nice and cozy winter bedding, change the window furnishings, and infuse the whole space with a light-weight and airy look. Besides making your room simply look cooler, little design updates, like a trendy tabletop fan or breathable bedding, can actually help it feel cooler. For proven ways to style a summer-ready bedroom, we can follow some simple tips and deck up our bedrooms without burning a huge hole in your pocket. 

Summer comforter

Indian summers can be uncomfortably hot and humid. And most of us have air conditioners installed in our bedroom. But let’s face the truth- how many times in the night do you wake up to adjust the temperature of the AC or turn it off or on? This waking up, again and again, takes a toll on your sleep for sure. With an all-weather comforter to the rescue, you don’t need to wake up completely to switch off your AC. You can just pull the duvet over you and go right back to sleep- it will keep you warm enough for the night. All-weather comforter from Livpure is good for all kinds of Indian weather and makes you sleep peacefully all night. So, put your winter heavy blankets away and invest in this, and you will see you can use it even during the winters. Available in fun colors, it is sure to spice up your summer-ready bed. 

Time to change your hot mattress

Old and saggy mattresses need to be changed for better sleep. But what about mattresses that sleep hot? You can change them too. The latest technology brings you cool sleeping surfaces. Cooling gel technology is the latest of them. It helps the mattress stay cool and makes it breathable. The memory foam mattress is one of the most luxurious and comfortable sleeping surfaces one can buy, especially if they have orthopedic problems as well. But it has a reputation to sleep hot. Livpure brings to you a cooling gel memory foam mattress- it is cooler than any other mattress in the market. It is super breathable and makes you sleep comfortably without sweating it out. This summer, deck up your bedroom with a cooling gel memory foam mattress from Livpure and make your bed super sleep-friendly. 

Colour the walls

Believe it or not, the color of your bedroom wall makes a lot of difference to the temperature and feel of the bedroom. Light cool colors like sea green and sky blue help keeping the room cool. Changing the bedroom colors also uplifts your mood. A bright yellow color in a room can make you feel happy. Red walls can make you feel energetic. But while choosing bedroom colors, stick to light shades of cool colors as they help you be calm, which helps you sleep. 

Use breathable sheets

The sheets you sleep in are also responsible for giving you a good sleep. If you keep sweating all night and the sheets make you feel hot, you won’t be able to have a restorative deep sleep. During summers, you need soft cotton breathable sheets to sleep on. Livpure’s Egyptian cotton bed sheets are extremely luxurious, breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-allergenic. This bedsheet, along with the Egyptian cotton pillow covers, makes for perfect bedroom additions this summer. For bedsheets, it is best to use white or light pastel shades during summers. It helps in keeping the mood calm and temperatures low. 

Undeck the pillows

Like how winter calls for a lot of layering on the bed, summers call for less layering and more open space to lay around. So, undeck those heavy cushions and pillows from your bed. Invest in cooling and breathable pillows. Livpure’s huge range of pillows is something to be explored. Cooling gel memory foam pillow, carbon pillow, microfiber pillow, cervical pillow, etc. are perfect for your summer bed. Adorn the pillows with soft cotton pillow covers and your bed is ready to sleep on! 


Unclutter your bedroom and keep free and open spaces. It is just not important for air circulation, it also helps uplift your mood. Keep free spaces in your bedroom for better movement and better air circulation. Throw out or store away your winter clutter and keep it fresh in your bedroom. The same goes for other rooms as well. Decluttering helps uplift the mood and makes your home summer-ready. 

Blackout curtains and layering with sheer ones

Summer mornings come early and can disrupt your early morning sleep. Waking up before you have completed your sleep is harmful to your health in the long run. To avoid bright sunlight streaming through your windows too early into the day, install Blackout Curtains from Livpure. It blocks out almost 95% of external light from coming to your bedroom. Blackout curtains also keep the temperature of the room cool during the day and help keep some noise out of the room as well. 

Layer the blackout curtains with some beautiful sheer curtains. After you wake up, you can pull the blackout curtains away and keep the sheer ones to let some sunlight in. Sunlight helps your body to stay awake in the morning and is necessary for overall health as well. It also gives your bedroom a very summery and fun look. 


Summers are all about a good mood and fun. Winters are finally over and with that goes away wintertime sadness and depression. Summers are the perfect excuse to amp up your bedroom to give it a more summery look. It should be functional as well so that you do not end up having sweaty hot nights and are sleep deprived. Sleep is the most important pillar to our healthy body and is most often the most avoided one. So, follow our tips and amp up your summer bedroom today!

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