Cuddling and Serotonin Correlation

Cuddling and Serotonin Correlation

The yearn for ‘feeling good’ is one of the most natural needs for every living organism in existence. Caused by neurotransmitters within most beings, the emotion of happiness is brought about by a variety of acts and situations. The official scientific name given to the said neurotransmitter is serotonin, which to be defined in more detail, is a chemical produced by nerve cells that causes the ol’ ‘feel good’ emotion. Though there are a number of ways this chemical activates itself in humans, predominantly through one’s digestive system (think of a scrumptious chocolate bar), serotonin does present itself quite emphatically when in the act of cuddling.

Research states that there is a difference between the genders here when it comes to the initial levels of serotonin. Women do have a higher level than their male counterparts when in the act of cuddling, hence the age-old refraining from the word ‘cuddling’ by men. Having said that, the male serotonin levels do spike when they notice their female partner being elated with cuddling. This balances out the ‘happiness’ equation per say and hence the reason why a large number of single men can be found cuddling their Livpure cloud pillow, snuggled under their Livpure comforter, with serotonin happily running amok within.

Cuddling though, is also a comforter in itself. The act does have a tendency to enhance the feeling of calmness and safety. It is a clean high one could say, with serotonin levels being stable and arguably longer lasting. This is mainly due to the act having a longer duration than most gastronomic ventures, as one could cuddle for longer over eating their favorite meal. Understandably, it is this very aspect that Livpure Sleep offers some of the most comfortable, yet scientifically structured products on sale today. Microfiber and memory foam play their part here, offering a cool surface and needed support.

Livpure Sleep caters to those who enjoy their rest time, and yet, wake up without cricks, cracks, and cranks in their body. Cuddling with one’s partner can be carried out with proper support for both individuals, an important aspect, considering no two humans are exactly proportionate. In addition, as mentioned above single men, and women, do retain memories of time spent cuddling a loved one and cuddling up to their bedding. All-in-all, it does lead up to happiness during some of the most important parts of our lives, sleep. Cuddling is the important precursor that builds up high and steady levels of serotonin, which in-turn, results in a peaceful rest. Hence there is now a new influx of men finally being in tune with women in the act of cuddling raising their serotonin levels together. How times have changed. For the better, ofcourse.

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