Copper Water Filters– Everything You Need to Know

Copper Water Filters– Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why we store water in the copper vessel? This ancient practice might have been passed down to you through generations of elders. Copper is effective in eliminating bacteria, fungi, and other microbes present in water naturally.

Copper water vessels are described in early Ayurveda and Egyptian medical literature, which date back to the fifth and sixth millennia BC, suggesting that this practice of storing potable water in copper vessels as a purification method has been in use for thousands of years.

Texts in Ayurveda highlight the advantages of consuming copper water for good health. Therefore, storing water in copper vessels has been a common practice since time immemorial.

Today, modern technology has adopted this method. The use of copper in water purifiers is a way of filtering water without the use of chemicals via a copper filter.

How Does Copper Purify Water?

Copper is a naturally occurring metal in the Earth's crust and aquatic environments. It aids collagen development, promotes iron absorption, and regulates metabolism. Thus, copper affects the body in a positive way.

The use of copper in water purifiers is an example of cutting-edge technologies that successfully combine modern advancements with age-old practices to improve public health.

The RO copper water purifier typically includes several membranes in its construction. After the water has been purified, it is charged with copper elements to enrich it.

How Does Copper Affect the Body?

Let us look at some benefits of copper and how a copper water purifier is good for health.

  • It Promotes Healthier Digestion

Because of its antibacterial qualities, copper aids in the elimination of potentially hazardous germs in the stomach, facilitating better digestion. It also works well as a treatment for infections and ulcers. It is known to improve overall gut health.

Water purified in a copper filter is also great for speeding up detoxification in the body.

  • It is Healthy for your Heart and Regulates Blood Pressure

Copper has been shown to help regulate both heart rate and blood pressure, according to several studies. If we drink copper water daily, it will significantly improve our cardiac health. Additionally, it helps reduce cholesterol levels and is an effective treatment for hypertension.

  • It Reduces the Risk of Anaemia

When the level of copper is depleted from the body, the rate at which iron is absorbed into the bloodstream is lowered. As a result, you may suffer from anaemia. Anaemia is a condition wherein your blood does not contain enough red blood cells, making you feel exhausted and dizzy.

Increasing your copper consumption may boost the ability of your body to absorb iron, lowering the risk of suffering from anaemia.

  • It Regulates Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland relies upon adequate copper levels to function correctly. A sufficient amount of copper in the bloodstream keeps the thyroid gland from overproducing hormones.

  • It Helps you Fight Signs of Premature Aging

Wrinkles and fine lines on your skin are inevitable consequences of ageing. The antioxidants in copper make copper–infused water an effective tool to fight signs of premature ageing.

  • It Reduces Pain from Arthritis and Inflammation in the Joints

Joint pain can severely hamper your daily activities. Copper has anti-inflammatory qualities that provide relief from the discomfort caused by joint inflammation.

  • It Improves the Health of your Skin and the Production of Melanin

Copper is also helpful in boosting the health of your skin by aiding the formation of melanin. Melanin is responsible for attributing colour to your body, hair, and pupils their colours.

Because of its ability to stimulate the production of new cells, copper also amplifies the regeneration process of skin cells. It makes the skin appear more supple while increasing its elasticity and firmness.

  • It Enhances Immunity and Promotes Rapid Wound Healing

Copper has been shown to have qualities that make it effective against inflammation, bacteria, and viruses. Copper-infused water may be used to expedite the healing process of wounds.

It also helps the body fight off infections that occur internally.

  • It Stimulates Brain Activity

Copper is sometimes referred to as "brain food" since it is consumed by enzymes that assist in the process of supplying energy to the brain. Reduced levels of copper might hamper your memory and cognition.

Is it Safe to Use a Water Purifier with a Copper Filter?

Copper ionization is a non-chemical alternative to chlorination. It is a preferable option to disinfect water and prevent the spread of bacteria without involving chemical processes.

Copper is a relatively slow but efficient antibacterial agent, eliminating upwards of 98% of bacteria over a period ranging from 7 to 16 hours. If you were to leave water containing impurities at room temperature in a copper vessel overnight, the copper alloys would interact with the water and act as highly efficient antibacterial agents.

Of course, too much of anything is never a good idea. The resultant water may include amounts of copper that might induce gastrointestinal discomfort in the short term and other significant health issues in the long term. Nevertheless, it is effective when tackling large concentrations of harmful microbes.

Myths Regarding the Copper

There are misconceptions about copper water purifier disadvantages, such as copper being harmful to your health and should be avoided.

However, copper is a crucial nutrient for our system, contributing to various bodily processes in helpful ways. Consuming corroded copper is the only way to experience the toxic effects of copper.

Because of this, it is essential to get a good quality copper purifier after researching the price of the copper purifier and buying a high-quality purifier that fits your budget.

Wrapping Up

Install a copper water filter immediately and move closer to a healthier lifestyle.

Livpure water purifier is the most popular choice in India. Their professionals have done extensive market research to determine the best technology for their water purifiers. Rest assured, you and your family do not have to worry about consuming unsafe water ever again!

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