Cool beverages to serve to guests in summers

Sure, summers don’t compel you to be wrapped up in layers of clothing, which is quite an advantage. However, when it comes to this particular season, soaring temperatures and the scorching heat can leave anyone fatigued and messed up. All age group loves to drink some cool beverages.

Definitely, you must be taking several steps to remain hydrated and to cope up with this sweltering heat. Be it deciding to buy RO water purifiers online to keep the water safe and uncontaminated, or to experiment with drink recipes. But, what if guests come knocking on your door in summers? You cannot please them with simple water, right?

Don’t worry, for that, here are some cool beverage ideas that you can use to serve your guests this summer –

Cucumber Mint Lemonade :

Lemonade is quite a classic drink for summers, and for all the right reasons. It’s not just cool but it also keeps your body temperature lower. It’s good taste is an added benefit. So, instead of just serving the same old lemonade to your guests, give it a fantastic twist by adding mint, cucumber, and a lemony zest in it. It’s undoubtedly going to mesmerize them.

The Famous, All-Rounded Lassi :

You don’t have to be in Punjab to experience the taste of delicious Lassi. Being a summer drink, it’d be a perfect thing to greet your guests with. And then, preparing it isn’t even a tough task. If made with pure curd and uncontaminated water from a gravity-based water purifier or any other, this drink can quench your guests’ thirst and fill them up with energy.

Favorite Aam Panna for All :

Aam Panna is an absolutely lip-smacking drink that is famous across the country. Getting its origin from Maharashtra, this drink filled with mango has managed to make its considerable place in the hearts of Indians. You can simply make this drink with cumin, mint leaves, mango pulp, and jeera. This cool beverages will not just keep your guest refreshed but also keep them energized throughout the day.

Delightful Watermelon Punch:

This watermelon punch recipe can serve several of your guests at once and is quite simple to make as well. The only ingredients that you can use are watermelon and carbonated water. You can also use purifier water, procured from any of the RO, UV, UF water purifier. If you want to give it a refreshing feel, add some mints to it, and you’ll be done.

The Tangy Jaljeera:

Prepared using water and jeera (cumin seeds), Jaljeera can be one of the best cool beverages to serve your guests. You can roast the cumin seeds a bit and mix it with the powder and water. Along with keeping your guests delighted, this solution can also keep their digestion problems at bay. A big glass of chilled water can help beat the heat like never before.

Strawberry Iced Tea:

This beverage tastes a bit like tea and a bit like strawberry lemonade, which can be a perfect combination for your guests if you want to try something new. All you would have to do is dip the tea bags in boiling water, add slices of strawberry, add sugar, squish a lemon, and pour the solution into cold water. There! You are done with that.

Wrapping Up:

Pleasing your guests with a perfect beverage is an immensely easier task if you are familiar with all the recipes that you can make. For that, make sure you are only using purified water. Navigate through some of the best water purifier companies in India, buy the one that would suit your needs, and keep experimenting with delicious cool beverages every now and then.

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