Conquer the summer for blissful sleep

Conquer the summer for blissful sleep

Summers can be hard on those trying to have a good sleep. You are sweating all night, and maybe with the air conditioner in your room, you suddenly feel too cold. Even the best foam mattress can make you feel warm. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses emit heat, which can be hard to sleep on during summers. But you cannot have different mattresses for different seasons, after all, mattress prices are not cheap. How to get some good sleep during the summers? 

Decide a sleep schedule and stick to it

Wake up and head to bed at the identical time every day- even on weekends. This helps your body get into a routine, making it easier to go to sleep at midnight and come to life feeling refreshed in the summer morning. By sticking to a schedule, you will even be more alert than if you slept for the same total amount of your time at varying hours during the week. It is impossible to catch up on the sleep. You need to sleep every night equally, you cannot oversleep during the weekends and make it all work. 

Avoid caffeine after 2 pm

While you most probably feel the need for a mid-afternoon boost during the workday, experts note that downing an additional cup of coffee or an energy drink to urge you through the post-lunch slump and could hinder your ability to go to sleep later during the night. Caffeine gives you a half-life, that is keeps you up with an energy boost for the next six hours and then you hit a slump. Caffeine may also result in a vicious cycle: after a poor night’s sleep, you may depend on more coffee to get you through the day. Then, when it’s time to go lied down on your foam mattress thinking of a good sleep, all that caffeine makes it difficult to sleep once more.

For a more natural afternoon pick-me-up, try consuming more protein and whole grains, drinking enough water, or going for a fast walk.

Avoid alcohol three hours before bed

Drinking alcohol may cause you to feel drowsy and facilitate your going to sleep faster. However, it blocks REM sleep, which is taken into account as the foremost restorative form of sleep. With less REM, you are more likely to come to life waking up in the later hours or early morning feeling groggy and unfocused. Alcohol causes your whole body to relax, including the muscles in your throat- which causes you to more susceptible to snoring and apnea as well. 

Check your medications

The secret to a more robust night’s sleep may well be found in your medicine chest. Many common prescription and over-the-counter medications can interfere together with your sleep.

For example, some medications, like those used to treat high blood pressure and asthma, can cause insomnia. Others, including pain relievers and cold medications, often contain caffeine or other stimulants, making falling asleep tougher.

Talk along with your medical care provider if you are thinking that any of those is also affecting your sleep. Your doctor can facilitate your decision if you must adjust your dosage or make other changes regarding treatment.

Exercise earlier within the day

Getting active during the day can help reduce the strain hormones that always keep us awake in the dead of night. Regular exercise also promotes deeper, more restful sleep. While it is important to get actively moving, take care to finish off your workout a minimum of three hours before bedtime. This provides your body adequate time to relax, allowing your pulse rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline levels to drop enough to put you to sleep for the night. 

Reserve your bedroom for sleeping and sex

Using the bedroom for activities apart from sex or sleep can make sleep tougher- particularly if you already struggle to induce enough sleep. Working or watching TV in bed are bad bedroom habits. That is because these forms of activities cause our brains to create an association between our bed and actions apart from sleeping. That means your brain is then less primed for sleep and relaxation when your head hits the pillow. This means you must keep your computers, iPods, and cell phones out of your bedroom too. They create distractions and can be stressful before bedtime.

A good memory foam mattress or a mix of memory foam mattress and latex mattress is a good way to go to keep you away from other distractions, like a restless partner or if you have a bed partner who sleeps at other times than yours. It restricts movement transfer and lets you sleep peacefully. 

Develop a bedtime ritual

Having a soothing routine each night can help signal to your body that it is time to wind down and prepare to get a night of good sleep. Taking a shower, giving an ear to soft music and meditation can all help calm you down before bed. Reading for a half-hour each night may also provide you with big benefits- one study found it was related to lower pressure and pulse rate, and significant reductions in stress. Researchers have also reported that reading a book for as few as six minutes before visiting bed reduced stress by a formidable 68 percent.

Don’t cheat on your nutrition

The sweets and fried food come with all the summertime vacation mood and meeting your loved ones after a long time, along with a lot of booze. We are not being the fun police and asking you to be a grinch and not participate in all the beach time and fun. But let us see how we can balance our nutrition these days. 

Skip large and carb-loaded meals before bedtime, stop drinking three to four hours before you hit the hay, and periodically drink some water to rehydrate if you are attending a summer party. You will also want to limit spicy and heavy, fatty foods and skip other stimulants like caffeine or nicotine close to bedtime to sleep better. Remember to eat your veggies! 

Make your bed welcome you to sleep heaven

Before you go out to enjoy the summers, make sure you make your bed so that it welcomes you right after a busy or fun-filled day. Have a comfortable foam mattress, like a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress, which provides your body great support especially after exhaustion. To add to the comfort, all the premium foam mattresses from Livpure are also cool gel mattresses, that is, all mattresses have a layer of cooling gel to keep you cool during the summers. The Carbon pillow from Livpure gives the right dose of anti-pollution and comfort your neck shoulders, and also your skin. The memory cooling gel pillows from Livpure are also perfect for summers. It keeps you cool and sweat-free. And guess what! Everything which comes from Livpure’s factories is planet-friendly. It is human-friendly and planet-friendly, you get double benefits for the price of one. 

These are the best mattresses online you can get, at the most pocket-friendly mattress prices. 


Summers are all about those summer parties and beaches. And we would like you to have fun too. What we also want you to do is take care of your health and your sleep. Sleep determines your physical health, mental health, and your relationships with people you love (or hate). Make yourself stick to a routine, however much you party, and give yourself the gift of hood healthy life. 

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