Common Air Conditioning Myths And Facts

Common Air Conditioning Myths And Facts

You may already have an air conditioner at your home or office, or you might be planning to buy a new one. That means that you most probably have come across many common air conditioning myths and facts. While some of them may stand solid ground, most are just rumours. To make a conscious and informed decision, take a look at the below myths debunked about ACs.

AC/Air Conditioning Myths And Facts

Bigger the Better

Is a bigger ac unit better? Air conditioners are carefully sized to the number of cubic feet they need to cool down. That is particularly important when buying a new AC or renovating your house. If a cooling unit is rated (tonnage) for a smaller space than your room in which you intend to use that AC, it will work too hard to cool the air, suffer quick wear and tear and struggle to meet the demands of the thermostat in the AC unit.

Look for the tonnage that suits the area, and consult an expert before you buy. If the AC unit is rated for a bigger space than you have at home or office, it will constantly turn on and off, wearing itself out and growing undependable over time. Pay attention to capacity and pick the right unit for the space you have.

Turning Off Air Conditioner to save energy

Does turning off ac save electricity? This is only true if your purpose is to go away for an extended period. After you put off the AC before visiting work on a hot summer day and switch it back on after you return, AC has to work much harder to cool down your home. If you want to save energy in a better way, it is to line the thermostat to a temperature that’s about 10°F warmer than the temperature at which you are feeling most comfortable.

Programmable thermostats make this easy by allowing you to point the time you attend work and your anticipated return time. The thermostat automatically raises the temperature once you leave and lowers it just before you get home, so you are feeling comfortable the instant you rehearse the door and save energy. With Livpure ACs, you do not have to worry about the settings every day, as our air conditioners have Smart technology that not only can be controlled through your android app but can also recognize and control itself according to your preferences.

Lowering the temperature for faster cooling

How to make ac cool faster? It’s a reasonably common belief that you just should set the thermostat to a temperature that's some degrees less than what you truly want, but nothing will be farther from reality. The very fact is that your air conditioning probably contains a single fan speed, and replaces a particular amount of hot air with cold air during a given period of time. After you set the thermostat to a lower temperature, you end up wasting more energy than intended. However, if your AC contains a low/medium/high setting then the thermostat, then set to high cools your room faster.

Closing all the vents

Usually, closing your AC vents does not save energy. The way a home heating and cooling system is designed, the air handler or blower moves a certain amount of air and it does not tell which vents are opened or closed. Closing vents may reduce the total air moved by the AC blower, which reduces its energy and working efficiency.

They Let In Dust and Other Allergens

Can air conditioning make you feel sick? Livpure’s low-maintenance EGAPA filters also double up as air purifiers and keep dust and allergens away from your rooms. It filters out dirt and air particulates from the air entering your rooms. It also filters out toxic chemicals from the air. It effectively removes odor and removes VOC up to 99% of its capacity. Now live in a pollution-free home with Livpure AC that removes 99% of the pollutants.

Thermostat Placement

If you continue to believe that installing an air conditioning system just anywhere within the room can offer you similar cooling results, think again! The efficiency of cooling depends on where you got it installed. Never install the thermostat near lighting fixtures or an electrical appliance, because the warmth emitted can affect its accuracy in sensing the temperature of the space. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and see to it that nothing obstructs the flow of air from the unit.

AC is bad for children

Babies might not have their natural body’s thermostats built-in, hence AC can be harmful to them. But a smart AC like Livpure’s does not let the temperatures fluctuate easily and maintains a constant ambient temperature which is also pollutant-free. Children do not face any adverse effects from AC units.

Run your air conditioning system until it quit

This is an AC myth you must never believe. Without regular maintenance, you will never know if your AC unit is functioning properly or not. Sometimes, problems appear all at once, and also the only sure way to detect and tackle them before they intensify is to follow a maintenance routine. This way, you will be saved from the difficulty of allotting huge amounts of cash for repairs, later on. Livpure smart AC alerts you when it needs attention so that you never forget about regular maintenance.

Fan gives better cooling

A ceiling fan efficiently circulates air around the room and makes you feel cool, but it cannot lower down the temperature of the room. It is recommended to turn off the fans before leaving the room to save on energy bills. However, you may save energy by switching the ceiling fan on and setting the thermostat of your AC to a higher temperature.

The perception that An AC gives you a cold

Does air conditioning make a cough worse? Viruses cause colds, and not any kind of cold air. With Livpure air conditioners, not only you are assured that the cold temperatures will cause you no cold, but the AC also ensures that it cleans out the air of pollutants and viruses so that you stay disease-free all the time.


Hopefully, this information will help you get some clarity about common air conditioning myths and help you make wiser decisions about dealing with air conditioners at home. With Livpure’s range of smart and smart ready air conditioners, you do not even have to worry about most common air conditioning myths and facts as they are not only the best inline but also self-diagnose themselves to talk to you about any problems they might have. Invest in a Livpure AC today to have good sleep all through summer.

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