Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

The holiday season is just round the corner and you have a huge list of loved ones to buy gifts for. Are you finding this a stressful decision to make? Fear not, we are here to help you with your Christmas shopping. We have compiled a helpful guide for your Christmas shopping to gift your loved ones with useful, therapeutic, and healthy things that don’t pinch your pockets. 

Healthy food hampers

With upcoming winters and ongoing pandemic, all you need to do is keep your immunity intact and encourage your loved ones to do so. Nutritious and tasty foods like dry fruits, health bars, dark chocolate, trail mix or honey are good choices for a health hamper. You can also opt for pre-made hampers from a store or website. You can also buy things individually and make a hamper at home to add that personal touch to the gifts. Your friends and family deserve the best of health and love, and you can easily encourage them to have one by giving them a hamper like this. This is the healthiest Christmas gift you can give! 

Bedding and linens

Winters are a time to upgrade your bedding and add a few more layers to the bedroom for added comfort and warmth. Thinking about gifting your close family member or your parents a brand new mattress or a new set of pillows? You have come to the right place.  For your closest ones, you can get the ultra-luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sheets to go over premium mattresses that you can find on Livpure’s website. The mattresses from Livpure will not only be an ultimate gift by themselves, but it will also be a gift of health. The whole bedding range, from mattress to bed sheets, is made from hypo-allergenic material and has an extended warranty for long term comfort. 


If there is something that you think about during these uncertain and difficult times, it is to be cozy and warm. For cold winter nights, the best thing to give your loved one is warmth, in the form of an all-weather comforter. Comforters are the best thing to snuggle into during a chilly night while you and your friend binge on some Netflix or Prime. Livpure’s all-weather comforter is warm and snuggly during winters and made with the best materials available in the market. The comforter is made from hypoallergenic material, has no artificial chemicals, and is wrinkle-free. What is better than gifting your loved ones a beautiful and cozy addition to their bed than an all-weather comforter! 


So, for those chilly nights of snuggling into the bed, you need something to read, right? Thinking about your loved ones, give them a nice book to snuggle with. Alternatively, you can also think about gifting a recipe book for the festive cooking and to cut the boredom with good food during all those work from home days. Winter recipe books are the best- pies, sweets, boozy desserts, and other indulgent treats. Buying them a pie will last a day, but a recipe book will be cherished for years and even generations, if it is that good. 

For the family member or a friend who is an excellent cook, order them a recipe card which they can fill in with their own recipes. It is a gift which will keep giving- to you and others in your family. Plus, your friend will love you for gifting a recipe card because they are beautiful. Search for them online or in your nearest stationary stores. 

Work from home gifts

You and your work buddies have been working from home for so long that you might have forgotten the fun office gossip over tea and coffee you used to have all the time. That doesn’t mean you have forgotten them. Show some love by giving them some gifts which will ease their work from home routine. A nice coffee maker or a toaster might be good for reminiscing your coffee time together. A good backrest pillow will be a good thing for your friend for all those long sitting hours. The new back rest pillow from Livpure, Spyne provides ergonomic support throughout the day and contains a cooling gel layer so that it doesn’t heat up during long hours of sitting. 

Spa vacation or staycation

Know that special someone who has been stuck inside their homes for a long time and going a little crazy? Gift them a spa vacation or a staycation package at a luxurious space so that they can take their mind off for some time from the stressful life. You can check out a lot of pocket-friendly packages offered during these times. After all, you do not mind shelling out some bucks for your special loved one. 

When they are taking a flight or a long journey to their staycation place or the spa, they would need neck support. A travel neck pillow would be the perfect additional gift for them. Find a pocket friendly, moisture-wicking, memory foam, and thermal resistant travel neck pillow on Livpure’s website. It will be your friend’s best traveling partner

Winter clothing

Well, all those ugly Christmas sweaters you see in movies, wouldn’t you want to give your friend one? Okay, you can stay away from the ugly, but a sweater or a cute muffler is the best thing to buy for your loved ones when you don’t know what to buy or want to stick to a small budget. It can also help you add a personal touch to your gifts when you know how to knit woolen stuff as well. 


Christmas time is a season of joy and warmth but also comes with the tension of gifting, cooking for the family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay away from all the sickness winter brings. While we cannot help you with other things, we can surely help you with gifting ideas, and hence we compiled this dynamic list for you. Let us take care of the Christmas gifts while you enjoy them with your loved ones and take care of yourself! 

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