Check Out the Lumbar Mattress Everyone Is Talking About

Check Out the Lumbar Mattress Everyone Is Talking About

Do you get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted and pain-free sleep? How do you know that your mattress gives you a good night’s sleep?  Sometimes, when our bodies are too tired, we don’t need much effort to fall asleep. The body shuts down, dozes off, and you can go on for 8 hours. However, that doesn’t mean that you have a good-quality mattress. So, what’s the key to owning a good mattress to ensure deep sleep and prevent any back pain?

It provides the right amount of support to your body (spine and lower back), and this support varies from person to person. Let us get into the details of a mattress for back pain that can save you time and money.

Can A Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Even some good-quality mattresses can cause back pain. The only reason is what is good for you might not be the best for others. Everyone has a different body structure, comfort level towards firmness, and age-related sensitivities.

Hence, a mattress must be as per your body’s needs. There are certain factors that you need to consider before buying a mattress for back pain. These include size, material, firmness, spine support level, budget, etc.

Things To Consider While Buying A Mattress For Back Pain

Many mattresses in the market claim to be orthopedic and can help with back pain. It’s essential to research before purchasing a mattress because there are different types of mattresses on the market. You must factor in these aspects before buying or upgrading your mattress.

  1. Size

A single mattress will do the job if you sleep alone and primarily straight. However, if you change positions throughout the night or sleep with your partner and kids, a king-size mattress size will be a suitable investment. You can look up both single-bed mattress prices and king-size mattress prices online.

  1. Spine Support

Your body must retain its natural shape while sleeping on the mattress. If it supports your spine alignment and the upper and lower back while sleeping, your mattress is good for back pain. If your spine bends while sleeping, you will develop lower back pain sooner than later.

A lumbar memory foam mattress is a good mattress for back pain as it supports bodies while sleeping.

  1. Firmness

The firmness of the mattress determines the quality of sleep. A mattress with medium firmness is a go-to for people with back pain. However, if you are in your thirties or forties, you should go a little harder on firmness, depending on your pain level. The more firm a mattress is, the more support it provides.

However, if you are in your sixties or seventies, a too-hard mattress might put undue pressure rather than relieve your pain. A medium firm or one softer will be a better choice.

Ensure to pick a mattress with a sleep trial for up to 60-90 days; you can return it if you feel any pressure or pain when you wake up.

  1. Budget

Consider the price and the type of mattress you want to buy. You can check single-bed mattress prices for children or king-size mattress prices for couples or grandparents.

You will find the best lumbar mattress for back pain in the market and online at affordable rates.

  1. Hypo Allergy And Hygiene

Certain materials like wool or latex can cause allergies in some children and old people. Check out a natural back pain mattress like a livpure lumbar mattress. Further, the best livpure lumbar mattress in India made of cotton or natural latex is also available in many sizes and thicknesses.

Further, the best livpure lumbar mattress for back pain must be breathable. It should allow air to pass through so microorganisms cannot grow due to sweat and humidity.

Best Mattress for Back Pain- Livpure lumbar Mattress

Here are a few advantages of lumbar mattress

  1. Increased comfort: lumbar mattresses are used to help in muscle relaxation. Muscle stress is the major source of aches and pains. This also leads to anxiety. It may also lead to back pain. lumbar mattresses are designed to help your body relax and offer increased comfort to all types of sleepers.
  2. Reduced back pain: If back pain is an issue for you, a lumbar mattress may be the right choice for you to get a good night’s sleep. It helps support your back and the natural curvature of your spine. This helps the muscles relax while you sleep and reduces back pain. Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in time in their lives. If you are one of them, you would be happy to know that there is a way to reduce the pain and increase your quality of sleep. lumbar mattresses are suitable for people experiencing chronic pain. You would be surprised to see how effective it could be for you.
  3. Enhanced quality of sleep: Poor sleep quality can be attributed to many things. Stress, growing old, or even medical conditions can affect your sleep patterns. The main cause that people tend to overlook is the quality of the mattress you choose. lumbar mattresses are made specifically to enhance sleep quality for people that experience back pain. The support it offers to your head, neck, and shoulders is the main selling point.
  4. Increased blood circulation: Once your body is well supported, it helps the muscles relax and recuperate. An increased blood flow helps the muscles to develop and rejuvenate. This is the main factor that helps you wake up fresh in the morning. When the body experiences fatigue, we must allow it to rest to perform better the next day.
  5. Increased pressure relief: Do you wake up with aches and pains? Are your neck and back always stiff after waking up? Well, this may be a sign that your traditional mattress isn’t working for you. lumbar mattresses are designed to reduce pressure on the joints and muscles when you sleep. This is due to enhanced posture and spinal alignment. lumbar mattresses are also suitable for people with other types of pain, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. These mattresses help reduce pain and improve sleep quality.

Do you need a lumbar mattress?

The answer is yes. It doesn’t matter whether you have back pain or not. All human bodies have natural curvature, hence everyone can use a lumbar mattress. 

If there is a gap between the mattress and your lower back, you will suffer from lower back pain sooner or later. A lumbar mattress is specially designed to support your lower back while sleeping. 

It helps promote good sleep posture by simply contouring the body shape while sleeping. In simple terms, it fills the gap between the lumbar spine and mattress so that your natural body curve has 100% support.

About Livpure Lumbar Mattress

Livpure Lumber Mattress is undoubtedly the best in the market. Livpure lumbar mattress is the best mattress at an affordable price. Livpure offers mattresses in a number of sizes from queen size to livpure mattress king size. Visit Livpure’s website and get a lumbar mattress online in India.

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