Can We Buy Ro Water Purifier On Rent?

Can We Buy Ro Water Purifier On Rent?

Can you imagine a life without clean water? You might have never known or might have seen people fighting for water in some areas. It is unfortunate that many people around the world do not have access to clean water. The condition of poor drinking water persists in many parts of India where the water from the source is unfit for drinking. 

What is RO Water Purifier? 

In simple terms, RO Water Purifier is the process of using a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to remove contaminants from water. RO systems are effective at removing dissolved solids, chemicals and minerals, heavy metals, and even some forms of microorganisms. Each system uses a membrane to produce purified water.

RO water purification process is highly effective in case of hard water heavily polluted source. Machines with RO technology can however alter the taste of water. Therefore, leading water purifier brands have water purification systems with mineralizers and taste enhancers to improve flavour. 

Water Purifier on Subscription

Water purifiers are essential to meet the needs of people who receive poor-quality of water at home. However, they can be an expensive investment for many people. Water purifiers need to be installed in the home for usage, tenants often find it difficult to install in a rented apartment. Moreover, a lot of tenants keep shifting their houses from one place to another. For them, installing and maintaining a RO can be a tough task. RO Water purifier on rent is a convenient option for people who are not interested in investing in an appliance. 

Rental Ro Purifiers are now the most preferred ones among people who for not willing to invest in a water purifier. It has been a huge achievement for the leading brands that they have come up with these rental products so that water purification gets easier, simpler, and accessible to all. 

How does it help in preventing health risks?

To avoid the spreading of water-borne diseases in our homes it’s important to install a RO water purifier. The water purifier installed at home makes it easier to monitor the water quality. It ensures the removal of all the impurities in the water and enhances the taste of the water as well. An RO water purification system is capable of removing all harmful bacteria and viruses from the water to prevent any water-borne diseases. These harmful bacteria and viruses can cause major health risks and can also lead to death in severe cases. 

People can easily avail of this system for rent. For more information visit our website: RO on Rent. You easily get a water purifier for rent by simply following a couple of steps on our website.  

Water purification systems: 

It is important to make drinking water healthy, pure and affordable for all. Our purification units are manufactured following the latest technology available in the market. We offer a wide range of multi-stage water purifiers like RO Water Purifier, RO+UV Water Purifier, RO+UF filtration, and RO+UV+UF Water Purifier.

Benefits of RO purifier on rent: 

Renting is a great way to avoid making the expensive investment of purchasing a water purifier. There is nothing wrong with purchasing an RO water purifier. But while we're thinking things through, consider some of the top benefits of renting a water purifier: 

1. Saves money

When you buy a water purifier at home, you not only pay for the machine but also for maintenance and installation charges. A high-quality water purification system can cost anywhere from INR 10,000 to 30,000. But when you opt for the rental option, you only pay monthly charges and a security deposit. All the overhead costs are entirely covered by the purifier provider when you rent one. Furthermore, there isn't a deposit required. Only monthly rent is due. So, you've been spared from making expensive investments.

2. No commitment is involved

With the renting option, you get the flexibility to use the appliance without committing for a long period of time. A water purifier would need to be uninstalled, moved, and then reinstalled as and when you needed to change locations. That is not a very practical choice. Therefore, renting the machine makes it super convenient and easy to shift. 

3. Multiple options to choose from water purifier

Whether you like the water purifier you purchase or not, you must use it until the point where a replacement is necessary. However, you have more choices if you rent it. Since this involves a lack of ownership of the product, you can easily switch to a different model of water purifier if don’t like the existing one. 

4. The best option for relocation

If you are someone, who gets transferred from one place to another in a short span of time. This is the perfect choice for you. Even for paying guests and students installing a rental RO in their hostel/rented apartment is a much more convenient option. 

3. Water quality

With water purifiers at home, you get to monitor your water quality and this ensures that you are drinking safe water. If you take a water jar subscription from your local dealers, you can be absolutely sure about the quality of your water. Having your own machine is always a better option. 

4. Additional benefits

Brands usually provide additional benefits — relocation, installation, and maintenance charges free of cost. Some brands have a lock-in period, however, Livpure does not have any lock-in period for rental services. You just need to pay for the monthly charges and a one-time security deposit(which is refundable). So, what are you waiting for? Go to our website now. 

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