Can water purifier run on inverter?

Can water purifier run on inverter?

The commonly used water purifiers usually run on electricity. For instance, an RO water purifier needs electricity to increase water pressure. It helps to force the tap water across the filter in water purifier. UV-based water filters use electricity to simulate UV rays to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

However, you need to understand how do water purifier work when it comes to non-electric water purifiers. They either use sediment filter in water purifier, activated charcoal, or ultra-filtration (UF). These function on the principle of gravity or water pressure.

When it comes to electric water filters, electricity is a no-bargainer. Without electricity, the filter in the water purifier will not work. So, this brings us to the logical and pressing question - can the water purifier run on inverter? Yes, you can use your water purifier on inverter

However, it depends on the type and water purification process. The second logical question is – Should you run your water purifier on inverter? The answer is also a simple yes. Let us understand can water purifier run on inverter.

Can you run your water purifier on an inverter?

While your water purifier runs smoothly on electricity, there are times when you will face a power cut. This is even frequent in semi-urban and rural areas. Furthermore, as budget-friendly options are available, almost every household has a water purifier. 

You must be looking up this article because you own a water purifier and are worried about the times when there is no electricity. It is not possible to store an ample amount of water in case of a power cut. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the power will be gone only for a few hours.

It could not be back for 1-2 days, depending on the situation. In times of a power cut, you can run your water purifier on electricity. Your inverter does not take up much power like the ceiling fan or your fridge. Moreover, you cannot quench your thirst and daily water intake because there is no electricity.

Most water purifiers consume around 40 watts and take less than an hour to fill. Moreover, some water purification works with auto-cut technology; your inverter will be off that purifier load.  

How to use an inverter for water purification?

Water is a necessity at all times. It would be best if you did not reduce water consumption because there was no electricity. You can survive without appliances like light, fridge, fan, etc. However, you cannot do without water when thirsty. Use an inverter in the following scenarios -

A household inverter comes as a rescue button when there is a sudden power cut. You cannot determine when it may happen. However, you can be prepared for it. Ask your electrician to connect the water purifier to the inverter during installation. This will be a life savior step in times of crisis.

When to run water purifiers on inverters?

Water purification works perfectly on inverters whenever there is no electricity. However, it depends on the type of purifier and water purification process. Let us see how.

  • If the purifier is a UV filter, it will run at 50 to 60 Hz on your inverter. If it has an extra pump, it will run on either. Some inverters are just enough to run a few appliances. Try to avoid running your water purifier in this case.  
  • If you have a high-end RO+UV purifier, it will need more power to run. Hence, you will need an inverter with higher capacity and quality. 

You can look up for how does water purification work to understand the process better.

Which water purifier to buy to avoid inverter use?

If you still think that inverter usage for water purifier is not your thing, other options are available. You can buy non-electric water purifiers that do not need electricity at all. The only difference between electric and non-electric water purifiers is their filtration process.

This brings us to our next question - How does water purification work in non-electric water purifiers? There are three common Non-electric ways to purify your water if you wish to avoid inverters.

  • Activated charcoal - The charcoal absorbs all impurities and contaminants from the water. However, it cannot remove dissolved solids and turn hard water into soft water.
  • Sediment filters – Sediment filters trap contaminants like sand, clay, and dirt when dirty water passes through the filter.
  • UF Filtration - The Ultrafiltration membrane purifies water by removing bacteria, cysts, viruses, etc. It gives 100% efficacy. Moreover, it does not produce wastewater like RO water purifiers. Further, this process does not strip the water of minerals.

Which is the best inverter to run water purifiers?

You can buy any inverter that can keep your house lit up for at least 1-2 days without a regular electricity supply. Since the filtration process of water purifiers is simple, it does not need much power to run.

Further, you can go for solar inverters if you want to do away with electricity bills. They are an expensive investment in the beginning. However, it can be the best one-time investment as you will only rely on solar energy for your electricity needs, including the water purifier Livpure

However, you will not be able to utilise it fully during winter. If you plan to buy one, keep it charged beforehand for emergencies.

Bottom Line

There is nothing to worry about when there is no electricity. You can use your inverter to run your water purifier. With low-energy water purifiers available, you can continue to complete your water intake. Moreover, the latest water purifier Livpure come with more extensive storage tanks that will be enough for a power cut up to 24 hours.

Further, you can go for inverter technology water purifiers that are available online. While it may seem to solve a problem, it is not a permanent solution. Your inverter’s capacity greatly affects how you can use your water purifier. 

If there is no electricity for days, it is wise to buy drinking water or use others methods of filtration. The inverter will not be able to run longer if it crosses its maximum capacity. For quality filtration, you can visit Livpure’s official website to purchase fantastic deals on Livpure RO water purifier

Further, you can learn about how do water purifier work and search water purifier near me to learn about purifiers and purchase them.

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