Can water purifier be switched off at night?

Can water purifier be switched off at night?

Almost every house utilises an RO water purifier for home. Chemical wastes and toxic pollutants have seeped into our water pipelines. A water purifier is the only efficient way to eliminate any impurities.

While it's effortless to use a water purifier, you might be confused about what to do when it's not used. After you eat your dinner, the kitchen lights are turned off. However, can your Livpure water purifier be switched off at night? 

There is nothing wrong with doing so. However, you must consider many factors. You can turn off some purifiers depending on the type and the filtering process of purifier. Let us first look into when you can switch off your water purifier.

Let us look at when you can and cannot switch off your water purifier.

When can I switch off water purifier in my house?

Since you will not use the purifier for another 7-8 hours, you might be confused thinking – “when I can switch off water purifier in my house”? Here are some reasons/instances you can turn off different types of water purifier without problems.

The first installation

When you install any or Livpure water purifier for the first time, you have to turn it off to check for proper functioning. This is done chiefly to expel the dirty water properly and allow water to flow inside the unit. This also cleans the storage area of the water purifier.

Pro-tip: You should fill half the water purifier after installation and throw away that water for safety. You can start consuming from the next cycle.

Moreover, installing a water purifier involves connecting cords and wires with the electrical board. The service provider will risk damage if you keep the switch plugged in. If your house has earthing, there is no need to turn off the main switchboard of the house.

Servicing/Cleaning the purifier

With time, your water purifier will get dirty. Since it filters out impurities, they will stick to the membrane and need regular cleaning/servicing. You must turn off the power switch while cleaning.

If you do not turn it off, you might encounter an electric shock, and the purifier could also suffer damage.

Going away for long

If you do not stay at your house for more than 3-4 days or longer, you should turn off the purifier. The filter parts will get ruined if you do not turn the purifier off. Moreover, the water will get stagnant over time.

Further, bacteria will grow in stagnant water. This will make your water undrinkable and the storage unit dirty.  

When the water is freezing or too hot

Extreme temperatures will damage the filters and the membrane of the purifier unit. You should never allow water in the purifier unit below 4 degrees celsius or above 48 degrees. If tap water is too hot or cold, turn off the purifier.

Hence, you have to switch off the purifier in extreme weather. Wait until the storage water picks up a higher or lower temperature.

Water supply is slow

With slow water pressure, some types of water purifier cannot operate properly. For example – some RO purifiers and mounted filters cannot function at lower tap water speeds. However, certain UV water purifiers is best for home and can work with a more inadequate supply.

Hence, if the water speed is slower than usual, turn off the water purifier to avoid pressure on the unit.

Turning off the water purifier based on the purifier type

It is okay to turn off your water purifier. However, it depends on the type of purifier you own. Let us learn more about it.

  • RO/UV water purifiers – You can cut off the electricity at night by turning off the switch. However, for distillation units, you have to unplug the cord. Livpure's RO water purifiers are some of the best water purifier in best price.
  • UF water purifiers - These don't use electricity unless you employ a booster pump. If you use the pump, it will have extra water pressure. You must turn it off when not in use. Further, UV water purifiers is best for home.
  • Faucet-mounted purifiers - You can turn them off even though you do not need electricity. It's a matter of personal choice.
  • Gravity-based purifiers - These purifiers use activated charcoal, sediment and carbon filter membranes to filter water. Hence, there is no electricity used here. You can stop the main water supply if you still want to prevent it from running at night.

Why do people wish to turn off their water purifier at night?

  • To save electricity: Water purifiers use very little electricity compared to other household items. You do not have to worry about high energy bills at the end of every month.
  • To avoid mixing fresh and stagnant water: Leaving your Livpure RO purifier on an entire night will not turn the stored water into stagnant water. Moreover, there will be no bacterial growth in the water. You will use up this water the next day, and you can fill fresh water again.
  • To maintain efficiency: Many people think giving some rest to the purifier will increase its efficiency or at least maintain it. When you turn the purifier on and off repeatedly, you will affect the machine's efficiency. The reverse of what you expect will happen.
  • To decrease unit depreciation: There is no proven theory that switching off water purifier at night slows down depreciation. Continuous usage will increase the life of the water purifier.

Bottom Line

There is no hard and fast rule when using purifiers like Livpure RO purifier at night. Generally, you need not switch off your water purifier at night. They are made to operate almost 24 x 7 without any problems.

Sometimes, daily turning the purifier on and off may lead to damaging the unit's parts. The hope of saving electricity may result in unexpected expenditure on a new water purifier. Hence, you need not turn off your water purifier at night.

Further, you can purchase some of the best ranking RO water purifier for home from Livpure's official website. You will find best water purifier like UV water purifier and UF water purifier in best price online. Moreover, you will come across price of RO purifier on discount. 

After you purchase the best water purifier based on your needs, turn it off only when you perform specific tasks like cleaning or will be away for a while.

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