Can lack of quality sleep lead to obesity

Can lack of quality sleep lead to obesity

Quality sleep is interlinked with multiple physical and mental aspects of our body. A good night’s rest affects overall wellbeing, nutrition, metabolism, immunity, and mood. It affects our energy levels, how we digest our food and what we crave as well! We at times take sleep for granted and don't really consider how it may affect our overall nutrition.

Here are 3 top reasons why optimum sleep is important in facilitating a healthy lifestyle - 


Low metabolism


1. Metabolism: 

When we sleep, our body processes important hormones that regulate appetite and increase metabolism. When we don't get enough rest, our appetite increases to match the energy levels, resulting in weight gain and lower metabolism. This is return can lead to obesity

tired man


2. Energy: 

When we are low on energy, our body craves carbohydrates and caffeine  as a quick fix to compensate for the loss of energy. While these types of foods provide energy for the short term, it results in a dip in blood sugar and increased tiredness over time. Instead, swap these foods for more nutrition heavy products like fruits, nuts, herbal tea. If you fall prey to the cravings, it can eventually lead to weight gain. 

sugar cravings


3. Cravings: 

As you already know, when you are low on sleep, you get irritable, stressed and are low on cognitive reasoning. All this can influence your food cravings throughout the day with increased portions. This not only risks obesity but also diabetes. 

So, to stay healthy, you need to also prioritize sleep. It has immunity-boosting magic as we already discussed and can also help in getting proper nutrition throughout the day. 


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