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Buying Guide for a Smart RO Water Purifier in India

Polluted drinking water is a serious health concern, which can lead to a number of health problems in your household. Water pollution occurs both naturally and through human activity. While the public infrastructure has mechanisms to counter the threat of water pollution, some elements can still sneak in because of the underfunded, old-world systems used in most parts of the country. Therefore, installing an RO purifier in your home can be a prudent move for keeping water pollution at bay.

In this post, we are highlighting the factors which can help you buy the best RO purifier for your home.

Test the water quality

So, the first thing to determine is whether you need an RO purifier or not? There are several water filtration technologies in the market. These technologies are used for different types of water pollution. RO water purifiers are best suited for hard water and water with high levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). So, the first thing to do is to get your home water tested for the type of pollution it may have. If your home’s water supply has safe TDS levels but high microbial content, then you should consider buying a UV water purifier instead.

Check your household’s water usage

The second thing to check for is the size and storage capacity that you will need. It can be easily determined by tracking your family’s water usage over a few days. Buying the right product also helps you save money. But since electric cuts during summer months can be frequent and long, we do advise buying a water purifier with a storage tank. It will ensure that you can have clean drinking water for an extended period of time.

RO Water Purifier Smart features

The selling point of every smart home product is the automation it offers. A smart RO purifier should be able to notify you of things like filter replacement, water quality checks, and smartphone notifications. Additional features of smart RO purifiers that you should look for are touch interactions and customized water dispensing – which allows you to fill a container without spills.

Checking for availability of spares

RO purifiers require periodic filter replacement. Buying an expensive RO purifier for which spare filters are not available locally can cause maintenance headaches in the long run. On the other hand, going with a domestic brand like Livpure which has a pan India presence ensures long-lasting protection from water pollution.

Comparing the cost of ro water purifier maintenance

Lastly, maintenance costs are an important part of the investment you make in a home water purifier. Similar to the availability of spares, a domestic brand is ideally positioned to offer a lower cost of maintenance. Add to that the convenience and time savings, and you can bring down the cost of ownership even more.

We hope that these things to consider will help you buy the best smart RO for your home. If you are looking for some of the best-priced RO water purifiers in India, visit us at for product portfolio and details.

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