Buy Pillows Sets & Cushions Online in India

Buy Pillows Sets & Cushions Online in India

Do you know what’s the one thing you can play around with and give an aesthetic essence to your home? Yes, that’s your pillow sets and cushions that sparkle liveliness into your home making it all the more pleasing and welcoming. So if you’re trying to add that spark to your home then you should invest in pillows and cushions as they are a modern necessity of modern households. In this write-up, we’ll talk about the best possible ways to decorate your house with pillows and cushions and the best options where you can buy pillow sets and cushions on sale.

Uses of pillows and cushions at home

  • On the Couch/Sofas: Your sofa/couch is incomplete without an appropriate amount of cushions to give that dynamic effect to it. You can experiment with round and square medium-sized cushions depending upon the size of your couch/sofa. You can also try printed covers and bold/solid colors to accentuate the entire look.
  • On the Bed: On your bed, you have a set of pillows that you sleep on. Those pillows should be the best in your house, so you should choose the pillow sets wisely. Those pillow sets should provide maximum support to your neck and shoulders. Along with those pillows, you can add some cushions to your bed to proliferate the essence of your bed.
  • Accentuated Ground Seating: You can buy huge cushions which you can use as seating and it will look amazing. All those who don’t want to invest in luxury chairs can buy pillow sets and cushions in large sizes.
  • Designer Cushions: You can experiment with designer cushions and give a modern look to your house with minimal effort. You can also change the looks of your house by changing your cushions and giving them a designer touch.

Livpure Pillows Sets and Cushions

We provides a wide range of pillow sets and cushions on its website. Livpure Pillows and cushions are one of the best options available if you wish to shop online for pillows. Given below are some of the options available on the Livpure website and you can choose the best pillow sets for yourself.

1. Cloud Plus Microfiber Pillow:

This is one of the selling pillows by Livpure which has been crafted to provide ultimate support to your back and shoulder while you sleep. It has been crafted carefully with breathable and fluffy microfiber which is super comfortable and bounces back to its original position within seconds.

A single piece of Cloud Plus Microfiber Pillow is available at an affordable price of INR 799/-. A pair of Cloud Plus Microfiber Pillows are available for INR 1,299/-

2. Livpure Cloud Essentia Pillow:

This pillow has been made with breathable and fluffy loft silk microfiber to give that extra comfort and cushion-like feel. It has been made with hypo-allergenic material which prevents the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the pillow and prevents acne and other skin issues.

A single piece of Livpure Cloud Essentia is available at an affordable price of INR 599/-. A pair of Livpure Cloud Essentia is available for INR 749/- and you can buy a set of 4 Livpure Cloud Essentia pillows at INR 1,499/-.

3. Breeze - Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow:

This is the best cool pillow infused with gel memory foam. This pillow takes the shape of your neck as you sleep on it. This pillow bounces back to its original shape faster than any other pillow available in the market.

You can buy a single piece of Breeze - Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow at an amazing price of INR 1,999/- and can buy a set of such pillows for INR 2,999/-.

4. Coccyx Pillow - Seat Cushions:

This type of cushion is most suitable to provide maximum support to the tailbone and further can be used as a seating cushion while you do yoga such as pranayam etc. This cushion provides ultimate support to your body and balances out your entire body weight as you sit on it. The Anti-slip bottom of this cushion keeps the cushion in place and prevents it from slipping away. Breathable mesh outer fabric is used to lock away the odor.

The price of this mind-blowing Coccyx Pillow is INR 1,249/-.

5. Spyne Back Support Chair Cushion:

If you’re someone who’s always on the chair, then you should consider buying this cushion which provides support to your spine. This cushion will prevent back pain and other spine disorders. This cushion is best for those who usually sit on the chair for more than 6 hours every day and their backs are crying for help.

A small-sized Spyne back support cushion is available at an amazing price of INR 1,299/-, while a large-sized syne back support cushion can be bought at a whopping price of INR 1,499/-. 

Note: The above-mentioned prices are subject to change without any prior notice. The customer cannot use this information as proof to justify the change in prices on the website. Kindly visit the actual website of Livpure to get complete knowledge of the updated prices of Livpure sleep innovative products.

About Livpure

Now that we’ve learned so much about buying pillow sets and cushions in India, why don’t you save yourself the hassle of visiting an actual store by ordering online pillow sets for your home? These mind-blowing pillows will be delivered to your doorsteps and you can just get the best products sitting at home. Livpure delivers the most comfortable and supportive sleep-inducing products that will cater to your needs. We ensure peaceful nights and an accurate product that will help you prevent the effects of diseases such as insomnia, allergies, depression, etc. Moreover, you get amazing deals and discounts on our Livpure website, so what are you waiting for? Open your smartphones now and order mind-blowing and super comfy cushions and pillow sets to give your home a rich look.

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