Break Your Holiday Sleep Hangover

Break Your Holiday Sleep Hangover

New years always begin on a wonderful note, with optimistic resolutions, good intentions, and the positivity to leave bad thoughts and habits behind. Plans to exercise more, get organized, be more productive, sleep better, eat healthier and the list goes on- just like any new year resolution list. However, as time goes on, not only you start slacking off those resolutions. You start working and getting burnt out soon. Too many late nights, not as many gym visits, some over-indulging, and poor sleeping may leave us facing the year feeling like crap. It is completely normal to feel stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed when returning to work after several breaks as well.

How do the holidays affect you? 

High-sodium foods

Our favorite seasonal recipes are not the healthiest, and with holiday gatherings starting early and lasting into the night, with all-day alcohol-fueled grazing, the calories and salt add up fast. Eating an excessive amount of sodium in a meal can cause temporary bloating- and make our body’s digestive system work harder. 

An excessive amount of Sugar

It is easy to go overboard during the festivals and vacations with all the sweet treats around you along with cold drinks as the summers arrived early this year. But if it is only one day of indulgence, the adverse effects of all that sugar are going to be limited. Eating an excessive amount of added sugar during a meal simply means you are getting a source of extra calories. 

How to Bounce Back: select a walk immediately after indulging in sweets to burn off the additional calories

One too many cocktails

Swigging back one too many spirited holiday drinks is also fun at the time, but it will be a source of unwanted calories while bringing about hangover symptoms, like that aching head.

Family overload

We love our families, but spending some days with them can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. Especially if your Aunt goes beat on the private questions and your dad sits strongly at the opposite side of the political aisle.

Disruptive Sleep

Too many servings of the pie and wine, staying up late spending time with family, and sleeping on your parent’s pull-out couch can all keep you up in the dead of night- and make your sleep badly. Sleep can often become disrupted from aggressive holiday fun. Eating or drinking an excessive amount any time of the year can have its obvious detrimental impact, like indigestion or intoxication, both of which might hinder the standard of sleep.

How to cure your vacation hangover and settle in with working at home again? 

Keep it real

Remember you are not the sole one feeling the post-holiday blues. Bosses, colleagues, clients, and customers are all in together in the identical harsh reality. So during your first few days back, set yourself some small and realistic goals to assist you to stay productive and motivated.

Outsmart the inbox

For many folks the instant we sit down at our desk we will be confronted with an overflowing inbox- an evil, overflowing receptacle of needs, requests, and things to try and do. Experts recommend moving all the emails to a brand new folder, skimming through, addressing the crucial ones, and handling the remainder in time. We regularly cause ourselves unnecessary anxiety looking at emails from our off day, only to find later that the problems have either been addressed or rectified. Keep that out-of-office reply on for an additional day, take that point to go through your emails, catch up with colleagues and properly plan your next few weeks if there is an overload of work. 

Set your sights

Maybe you have been pondering a promotion, moving companies, or starting a brand new career. There is no better time than this to line yourself with some clear career goals and target kicking them!

Return to routine

The reason numerous people fall out of line and get stressed after a holiday is the lack of a set routine and unhealthy lifestyle. The late nights and lazy couch sessions play havoc with our body clock. Experts recommend the quicker we fall into a routine the better we will feel quickly. A sensible routine includes proper sleep and a bedtime routine for good sleep. A scarcity of sleep can have a significant impact on our mood, concentration, memory, and quality of life.

Your new routine should also include healthy eating habits. No point beating yourself up over what you ate during the vacation, just go back to eating healthy immediately. Eating healthy is a long-term plan, and the health-conscious have always known that it makes us feel good in the long run. What we eat is very essential- it controls our systems, mood, health, etc. We are what we eat- the statement holds quite a lot of merit. 


It is recommended that you involve yourself in a minimum half-hour of moderate physical activity on most days of the week. Research shows that sitting around for long periods of your time can increase your blood sugar levels, even short periods of exercise, yoga and daily activities are beneficial for the prevention of obesity and diabetes. So start and burn off those holiday calories today and get your summer body ready. 

Make your bedroom sleep-friendly

More often than not we use our bedroom for different things, especially with the work-from-home environment these days. Try to keep your bedroom for only two things- sleep and sex. Use the living area or study for everything else. Leave the electronics outside. 

With summers really early this time, you need a cool and calm environment to sleep better. Install blackout curtains from Livpure to keep the early morning sunlight away from your dreams and keep the room cool. 

Livpure’s cooling gel foam technology makes the summer better. With cooling gel foam mattresses, sleep sweat-free. It is at least 1 degree cooler than any other mattress in the market. The same technology has been used in pillows as well, to keep your head cool while you sleep. With cooler sleep, you wake up refreshed and ready to fight the holiday hangover! 


It's so much easier to face the working year ahead after you with having some fabulous exotic location or amazing adventure destination calling you. So if all else fails, and you cannot bear to be back, book your next holiday destination- this way, you will have something to look forward to while you work. This will lessen the stress, heighten the excitement and make it more fun. 

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