Best Water Purifiers Under 10000: No More Contaminated Water

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000: No More Contaminated Water

Access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. With a plethora of water purifiers available, finding an efficient and affordable one is crucial. In this article, we'll explore two standout options – the Livpure Glitz (UV+UF) Water Purifier and Livpure Touch UV Water Purifier – both priced under 10000, promising reliable water purification without breaking the bank.

Livpure Glitz (UV+UF) Water Purifier:

Livpure Glitz (UV+UF) is a formidable choice for those seeking a budget-friendly yet powerful water purification solution. Here's why it stands out:

Dual Filtration Technology:
Livpure Glitz employs a combination of UV and UF technologies. UV (Ultraviolet) rays eliminate harmful microorganisms, while UF (Ultrafiltration) removes suspended particles, ensuring double-layered protection against contaminants.

Compact Design:
The purifier's sleek and compact design makes it suitable for small kitchens or limited spaces. Despite its size, it doesn't compromise on performance.

Alert System:
Livpure Glitz features a smart alert system that notifies users when the purification process is complete or when the filters need replacement. This ensures consistent performance over time.

Livpure Touch UV Water Purifier:

For those prioritizing simplicity and efficiency, the Livpure Touch UV Water Purifier is an excellent choice. Here are its key features:

UV Purification Technology:
Livpure Touch uses UV technology to deactivate harmful bacteria and viruses, providing instant and efficient water purification. It is particularly effective in areas with a lower TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level.

Compact and Wall-Mountable:
The space-saving design of Livpure Touch makes it suitable for wall mounting, freeing up valuable counter space in your kitchen.

Water Dispensing Options:
Livpure Touch offers multiple water dispensing options, including a continuous supply for larger containers and a controlled mode for smaller quantities. This flexibility caters to various user preferences.

Choosing the Best Under 10000:

Both Livpure Glitz (UV+UF) and Livpure Touch UV Water Purifiers cater to different needs, making the final choice dependent on individual requirements. If you prioritize dual filtration for comprehensive protection, Livpure Glitz is the answer. On the other hand, Livpure Touch is ideal for those seeking a straightforward, wall-mountable UV purification system.


In conclusion, securing a reliable water purifier need not be a costly affair. Livpure Glitz (UV+UF) and Livpure Touch UV Water Purifiers, both priced under 10000, exemplify affordability without compromising on performance. Whether you opt for the dual protection of Glitz or the simplicity of Livpure Touch, rest assured that your investment is a step towards a healthier, contamination-free lifestyle. Consider your specific needs, compare features, and make an informed decision to ensure you enjoy the benefits of clean and safe drinking water at an affordable price.
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