Best Water purifier price list in India

Best Water purifier price list in India

Drinking filtered water is one of the most crucial stages in living a healthy life free of illness, which is something that everyone aspires to. This can be accomplished by filtering out all the harmful contaminants in tap water with a water purifier . After weighing several factors, the best water filter for a home is selected. Health is directly correlated with drinking filtered, pure water. As a result, one must carefully select their water filter for home use in order to protect their health. 

Some crucial factors are crucial when choosing the RO water purifier that is right for your home. Depending on how well your water purifier works, you might not be able to get clean water free of harmful impurities. Other important considerations include the water purifier's lifespan, cost, and level of customer support included in the purchase. Knowing how important it is to drink safe water for survival, who wouldn't want to make use of water purifiers? People are urged to purchase the Livpure water purifier so they can have access to filtered water every day. The best RO in India is Livpure. You get a well-developed safe water purifier from it.

Why Livpure

1. The purifier's effectiveness

One of the effective elements of the best water filter is its ability to remove pollutants from water. Well, the level of water quality your municipality supplies will determine how well the toxins in the water are removed. Not all pollutants are necessarily removed by any water filter. You may need a safe water purifier, in which case a UV-function water filter is needed if you find that the water is mainly clear and clean but just has a taste issue. Water purifiers use a variety of technologies to remove pollutants from water. However, this does not indicate that all water purifiers are capable of removing the many toxins that can be present in water.

2. The cost of replacing filters

The cost of the water purifier and the subsequent question of whether or not filter replacement is affordable are two important concerns for almost all consumers. If you want to prevent any upcoming confusion or filter repair costs, you should always try to select an AMC feature that decreases repair charges. Be sure to factor in the price of replacing the filters before making a final choice. Depending on the sort of water purifier you use, the cost will vary. Learn in-depth information about the cost of changing the filters to prevent future confusion and frustration.

3. Water consumption of your family

When selecting a water purifier, don't forget to consider the size of your household. Water purifiers feature storage capacity, so even if there is no energy, you will still have access to clean water. Therefore, before making a decision, take into account how much water your home uses as well as the water required for other activities like cooking. If you have a big household, it is advisable to acquire a countertop or under-the-counter water purifier. 

4. Electricity usage

If you are concerned about how much electricity your water purifier will use, then take a deep breath. We have a fantastic remedy for the same! The Livpure water filters uses very little power because it only needs about 25 watts of electricity to operate. Well, depending on how much water a household uses, this factor varies from family to family. For instance: If a household uses, on average, 15 liters of water per day, their annual electric usage will be about 1.52 units, which is acceptable. A Livpure water purifier is the only option if you want to avoid paying more for electricity than necessary.

When choosing a safe water purifier for oneself, people must take into account the warranty period that comes with the RO. This is significant since the warranty period guarantees that clients will receive assistance from the team if their equipment fails or their purifier does not function as intended. Because your product is guaranteed, the customer doesn't have to worry about any potential future faults. Using this method, which is reliable and trustworthy, the water purifier's warranty period can be determined to be the most appropriate. There are a variety of suppliers offering a range of options for the warranty specified on the product's warranty card. The whole warranty period often lasts between one and three years, depending on the features of your RO and your subscription plan.

About Livpure

One of India's most dependable RO water filters is developed by Livpure. The subscription service Livpure Smart offers state-of-the-art water purifying technology along with pure and sanitary drinking water. By entering your details on the official website when you first start using your Livpure subscription plan, you may use the warranty activation option to start your warranty period. Livpure water purifiers can be connected to a smartphone app that tells you when the filters need to be serviced or updated and keeps you updated. It ensures that all spare parts and replacement filters are available online or in physical stores. The most amazing feature of Livpure is that there are no extra costs associated with service visits or any kind of filter maintenance or cleaning. Contacting the support team is made simple with the official email address and customer care number.

A water filter may be purchased for a very affordable price and comes in a variety of styles, including alkaline water purifiers and hot water purifiers.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Livpure website right away to make your home water filter selection.

Water purifiers by Livpure

  1. Touch UV Water Purifier Suitable for Municipal Water, TDS below 200 ppm: Rs 7290/-
  2. Livpure UV Glitz Water Purifier (UV+UF) Suitable for Municipal Water, TDS up to 200 ppm: Rs 7990/-
  3. Glitz Silver Water Purifier: 11,490/-
  4. Bolt+ (RO+UF) Water Purifier: Rs 13,900/-
  5. Pep Pro Grand Water Purifier: Rs 14,290/-
  6. Bolt+ (RO+UV) Water Purifier: Rs 14,990/-
  7. Envy Alkaline Water Purifier: Rs 17,790/-
  8. Zinger Water Purifier: Rs 17,790/-
  9. Under The Counter (UTC) Neon: Rs 17,950/-
  10. Platino Copper: Rs 19,900/-
  11. Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier: Rs 25,190/-

Please note that prices are subject to change without prior intimation.

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