Best UF Water Purifier Price in India by Livpure

Best UF Water Purifier Price in India by Livpure

Are you looking for an upgrade to your home water purifier? Get the Livpure Glitz UV water purifier that instantly transforms unhealthy tap water into safe drinking water.

Livpure is India’s trusted smart home brand that offers sensibly priced, feature rich products for the masses. The Livpure Glitz UV water purifier is one such product from the company’s product line-up. The water purifier offers Ultra-Filtration combined with Ultra Violet water treatment, making it the best UF water purifier in India.

4-Stage Water Purification used in Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier

The Livpure Glitz UV uses a 4-stage filtration process to make the tap water 100% clean and safe.

  1. Sediment Filter: The sediment filter has multiple layers of non-woven, non-biodegradable polypropylene fibres. The layers are heat sealed to ensure zero contamination. The sediment filter removes all fine and suspended impurities from the input water.
  2. Activated Carbon Filter: The pre-activated carbon filter contains coconut shell charcoal. It removes residual chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, ridding the water of carcinogenic properties. The filter also absorbs odour and improves the taste of the purified water.
  3. UV Disinfection: A UV lamp is used for generating high-intensity radiation that kills off bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The removal of these micro-organisms makes the water safe for drinking and cooking.
  4. Ultra-Filtration (UF): The UF membrane removes the dead cells of bacteria, algae, cysts, and other micro-organisms killed by the UV disinfection process. UF treatment also enhances the clarity of water by removing very fine suspended impurities.

Priced at ₹ 8,990, the elegantly designed water purifier comes with a 7-litre storage tank and is an ideal addition to your new kitchen. Featuring a UV failure indicator, the Livpure Glitz UV+UF water purifier ensures that you are notified about water purifier maintenance in time.

Livpure offers 1-year warranty on the UF water purifier. Onsite service is offered and the sediment filter and carbon filter are replaced free of cost during the warranty period.

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