Best branded mattress for old age people

Best branded mattress for old age people

Age is simply a number as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle, but it cannot be denied that as you get older, your muscles and physical skills tend to deteriorate more so than they did when you were younger. These days, materialistic things may end up being the ones that truly take care of your body, and mattress are one such crucial caretaker for sound sleep.

If current research is to be believed, elderly individuals do not get enough sleep because of joint pain, chronic pain, and disturbed sleep habits. How might this be resolved, in your opinion?

Can any kind of mattress solve these problems, or do you require a detailed explanation?

Qualities Of A Mattress For Old Age People

There are a variety of quality mattresses for back pain. However, you must look for certain specifications and aspects before buying a mattress for old people with back pain. Even if your old age did not slow you down by giving you notorious back pain, buying a back pain orthopedic mattress is a safe step.

It will prevent the development of pain and help you lead a pain-free life. It would help to look for these qualities while buying a back pain orthopedic mattress.

  • Sleep inducement: A high-quality mattress induces sleep by relieving the pressure points and relaxing the body as you lie down. Since sleep helps reduce stress and keeps the body fit, it is the most critical aspect of life for old people.
  • Spine support: It should support the spine and prevent it from curving at any time while sleeping. If you lie on your back, a good mattress will support your spine and lower back from going downwards. It will keep your shoulders and spine from curving sideways if you are a side sleeper.
  • Firmness: Usually, a medium-firm foam is a go-to for lower and upper back pain. However, the best orthopedic mattress for lower back pain can be soft or hard according to your body’s needs. The general rule is a firm foam for back sleepers and a softer mattress for side sleepers.
  • Resilience and easy to clean: A good mattress should be resilient and not sag easily. Further, it should be easy to clean or vacuum. If you are old and do not have help, this will significantly help.
  • Temperature neutrality: A good mattress should be temperature neutral and should not retain heat or cold. Since old people have weakened immunity, they are susceptible to cold or hot and can fall sick easily.
  • Size and price: If you sleep with a partner or like a bigger bed, you can go for the best orthopedic mattress king size. However, budget plays an important role when buying anything new. Hence, check the orthopedic mattresses price and go for a queen-size mattress.
  • Pro-tip: If you are sleeping on a mattress, causing back pain, it’s time to change the firmness to a softer or firmer one while keeping comfort at the highest priority. You can try shifting from a memory foam or latex foam to a bamboo orthopedic foam.

Which Mattresses Should Old People Avoid?

  • Allergies: If you have allergies, avoid foam mattresses. You can opt for a natural orthopedic mattress topper like bamboo or wool.
  • Sagging: Avoid traditional spring mattresses as they tend to sag and cause joint pain.
  • Painful back: If you often say to yourself, ‘this orthopedic mattress hurts my back,’ you must seriously consider upgrading or exchanging your mattress. Further, it’s best to buy a mattress with a 60-90 free trial to avoid the same fate.

Types of mattresses for old age people

There are several types of mattresses for old age people. Hence, you can choose from various mattresses that will provide the necessary support and material to your skin and pressure zones. Some of the best back pain orthopedic mattresses include the following –

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

It is one of the best orthopedic mattresses for lower back pain. Memory foam mattresses are 3-4 inches thick and can reduce pressure points on the body and provide support to the body. They come in varying firmness. The general thumb rule is to sleep on a medium-firm mattress.

However, some people are unable to fall asleep on medium-firm mattresses. You can sleep on a soft orthopedic mattress if that comforts you. But make sure that the soft orthopedic mattress supports your spine and lower back from slouching.

Further, these mattresses are not suitable for people who have allergies to chemicals like baking soda, zeolite, etc. You can check orthopedic mattress prices online for the best deals.

  • Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a blend of latex and foam to provide both soft and firm support. Your body will receive support and various levels of firmness depending on the area when you sleep on this mattress. For instance, the lower back and spine will receive the most support because of how quickly they tend to descend.

Furthermore, these are good for people with different body types and weights. As the name suggests, it provides the best of both worlds and thus is an orthopedic mattress topper.

  • Latex Mattresses

These are good for old people who prefer firm mattresses. These mattresses are made of natural rubber tree sap and prevent allergies. These mattresses are generally suitable for heavier people as the firmness will prevent sagging for longer.

Further, latex mattresses support heavier body parts such as shoulders and hips. This support relieves joint pains and helps a good night’s sleep.

  • Wool Mattresses

These are the most eco-friendly and natural mattresses. These are good for people who sleep hot and are sensitive to synthetic and chemical-based materials. Further, wool is a biodegradable fabric and can be easily cleaned.

Moreover, you can use a wool topper to make your mattress extra firm with a bit more bounce. You can buy orthopedic mattresses online made of wool as well.

  • Organic Cotton Mattresses

You can buy organic cotton mattresses if you are sensitive or allergic to synthetic materials. Further, these mattresses are generally suitable for heavier people.

Some examples of orthopedic mattresses for lower back pain include bamboo orthopedic mattresses. If time and extreme pain do not permit you a trip to the nearest store, you can buy an orthopedic mattress online and get your mattress delivered.

About Livpure-Best Branded Mattress

These mattresses typically help lessen aches and pains since they are softer and more supportive than typical mattresses. Additionally, they have features like temperature control and firmness adjustments that can assist the elderly feel more comfortable. Some even have sleep monitoring technology, which enables elderly people to obtain the rest they require.

Therefore, if you know an elderly person who struggles to sleep, consider upgrading the mattress to help them have a better night's sleep.

To obtain rest you need to be healthy and active, a comfortable foam is a crucial component of a regular sleep schedule. A large selection of mattresses made with the newest technology is offered by Livpure. These mattresses are appropriate for seniors.

Livpure is the best-branded mattress if you want to get a mattress for life, whether it be a king-size mattress or a queen-size mattress. You can contact them online through their website and even schedule a free consultation by calling their customer service number.

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