Benefits of Mineral Water

Benefits of Mineral Water

We’ve all been to restaurants and had waiters ask us our preference for water. Have you ever been inquisitive about the difference between regular water and mineral water? There is a range of different waters available in the market today, like electrolyte water, deionized water, alkaline water, purified water, etc. But it makes us wonder what makes mineral water so distinctive in taste. Let us look into it in detail. Natural subsurface springs and reservoirs provide the mineral water we drink. It is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and salt, among other important minerals. This suggests that it might be healthy.

 It may include significant amounts of numerous important minerals for the body, such as calcium, magnesium, and salt. Consequently, consuming mineral water might have some health advantages for us to know about.

What is mineral water?

The definition of mineral water, its potential health advantages, and comparisons to other forms of water are covered in this article.

 Mineral water is bottled at its source, unlike other varieties of water, and contains natural minerals and other trace components. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stipulates that mineral water must have no less than 250 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids, which are comprised of minerals and trace elements. Mineral additions during bottling are not permitted. Mineral water may also be processed to remove potentially harmful elements such as arsenic. Mineral water, as its name implies, can contain significant concentrations of minerals and other naturally occurring substances, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride, and fluoride.

 Where the water originates from affects the types and concentrations of minerals. As a result, mineral water has a wide range of flavors and health advantages. Additionally, while tap water contains certain minerals, bottled mineral water typically has more of these substances.

The health benefits of mineral water

Natural mineral water may have some health advantages due to its distinct mineral and organic chemical composition.

  • Benefits Cardiovascular Health: Mineral water with carbonation may also guard against heart disease. Drinking 17-34 ounces (0.5-1 liter) of carbonated mineral water per day dramatically reduced levels of triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol while raising levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, according to two trials in postmenopausal women. Since one study linked higher magnesium levels in water with a lower risk of dying from heart disease, the magnesium in this water may also be beneficial for heart health. Although encouraging, more extensive research is required to ascertain how mineral water consumption influences heart health metrics.
  • Benefits the bowel movements: Mineral water high in magnesium may also be used to treat and prevent constipation. According to research, magnesium relaxes intestinal muscles and attracts water into the intestines. When combined, these factors soften and facilitate passing stools. Drinking 17 ounces (500 ml) of magnesium and sulfate-rich mineral water every day for six weeks significantly improved bowel movement frequency and stool consistency in the 106 participants with functional constipation.

 Nevertheless, remember that sufficient fluid intake has been demonstrated to enhance digestion and support regular bowel movements, independent of mineral content. bottled at the source. The mineral makeup, potential health advantages, and flavor of the water are all influenced by its source. Mineral water consumption in and of itself carries no health risks, but consuming it from a plastic bottle may do so.

  • Helps with Blood Pressure: Drinking mineral water, which contains both of these nutrients and can be an excellent source of calcium and magnesium, which contribute to lower blood pressure, particularly for those who already have elevated levels

 In 4-week research, consuming at least 34 ounces (1 liter) of natural mineral water each day dramatically lowered blood pressure readings in 70 persons with borderline high blood pressure. However, a study of 20 studies that examined the impact of mineral water on blood pressure discovered conflicting findings. Therefore, more research is required to fully comprehend the connection between consuming mineral water and blood pressure. 

  • Helps the bone density: Need we mention the two magic ingredients again? Yes, Calcium and magnesium along with other minerals and nutrients contribute towards bone health and density actively for its development and maintenance. Calcium intake is important for the bones of all ages. In one study, it was discovered that postmenopausal women who consistently consumed calcium-rich mineral water had far better bone mass density than those who did not. Additionally, the minerals bicarbonate and magnesium in mineral water may help to support healthy bones.

 Keeping all the benefits in mind, we can say that important minerals that assist bone and digestive health can be found in natural mineral water. More extensive long-term studies are required, but this type of water may also help lower blood pressure and support heart health, which can act as an added lifestyle change for elderly people. We can also come to the consensus of how mineral water leads to the holistic development of our body, bone, heart, and excretion, which together constitute better body functioning and also leads to an improvement in our lifestyle. There have been studies and surveys that show that the consumption of sparkling mineral water is much better than consuming sugary soft drinks. Some areas of caution might be for the people who have less sodium tolerance, as this water is very mineral rich which might cause problems for them.

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