Bed Bug Horror Stories

Bed Bug Horror Stories

Bed Bugs creeping over your body are nothing short of a heart attack. The very idea of these can freeze you in horror. Bed Bugs are creatures that reside in mattresses, pillows and feed on animal or human blood to thrive. You can keep your bed and house as clean as you wish, but these bed bugs are always eager to jump inside. 

What are Bed bugs?

As you already know, these are tiny brownish creepy crawlies that can hide anywhere in your room, wardrobe, or furniture. Bedbugs don't carry any infection but can cause severe itching and rashes. They are active during the night, causing sleep disruption for individuals. 

Few Bed Bug Horror Stories 

For anyone who has had an encounter with bedbugs, these horrific stories will sound relatable. These stories will compel you to recheck everything surrounding your sleeping area if you haven't already discovered the bedbug horrors.

  • Once there was a person who got back from a long holiday somewhere around the globe. He brought back memories and also bedbugs who made his life miserable. Hotels and resorts are supposed to be clean and hygienic. However, in this case, the guest got an overwhelming keepsake. Bed Bugs ruined his mattresses, his pillow and also his sleep cycle. 
  • Researchers have found out that bed bugs are more common in places where there is dust, dirt, where elderly people live who are unable to clean the space round the clock. One such case was of Mrs Thomas, residing in Ohio in a building dedicated to senior citizens. She was always listening to people complain about the horrific American bed bug stories. One day, she realised the itchy rashes all over her body, and she was in the presence of creepy bed bugs. Later on, the professionals shifted her to another apartment, and got saved from the terrifying living situation. 
  • Once a father and son were living in a modern apartment. The father started complaining about rashes and itchiness through the night. They both thoroughly checked the room, the bed, but they couldn't trace anything. Few nights after that, the father saw what one only describes as haunted movie critters. Live bed bugs were crawling over the bed sheet in which his son was sleeping. They slept outside that night and called the professionals in the morning. It took three sessions to clean out every ounce of bed bug terror from their house. 
  • Another story of a Doha resident will make you realise that bedbugs are a serious deal that you can get rid of if you are aware enough. This person shifted to a clean and tidy apartment to chase his dreams in Doha from the UK. What he was chased down by was a bedbug infestation. He wasn't aware of the same, so he searched the internet. He then hired a professional team to clean the mess and threw away his old mattress that was filled with creepy bed bugs. 

Treatment and Removal

If a bedbug bites you, here are few things that can help you cure it:

  • You can apply itching reliever creams like Cortisone over the rashy patches. 
  • You can take prescribed oral antibiotics for the allergy. 
  • Bites generally heal in a couple of weeks, and if the allergy is persistent, consider visiting a doctor right away. 

How To Remove Bed bugs?

Eliminating bedbugs is best done by professionals. These creatures can develop quickly, and their numbers can soar in an instant. If you want to minimise bedbug damage, you should engage a company that specialises in this.

Declutter your place. Keep your home organised by moving things around. Clean the shelves, window panels, television panels, closets, and bed foundation. Get a new mattress after the cleaning process. To ensure that your new mattress is safer for the long run, cover it with Livpure's mattress protector that keeps the mites and ticks at bay. You have to keep your bed mattress safe to improve your sleep quality. You can shop for a new mattress, and pillows during the upcoming festive flare at Livpure as well. 

Don't Let the Bed Bug Strike & Bite! 

Some things have a tendency to grow back, the same is the case for bedbugs. After all, is said and done and the house is clean, the bed bug terrors can reoccur. So, keep your surroundings as clean as possible, seek professional help and be aware & alert about a bedbug infestation. 

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