Beauty Sleep and It's Importance

Beauty Sleep and It's Importance

Don’t we all love that natural glow that our skin emits on our ‘good days’. While there are a number of reasons for this which include a good diet, exercise routine, and management of stress levels, one’s natural beaming glow is hand in glove with sleep. Hence the term ‘beauty sleep’.

Beauty sleep allows rejuvenation of our skin’s cells allowing the subduing of aging as well as its already spoken of luscious appearance. Sleep, when done correctly, is known to be one of the best medicinal aspects of our natural selves, and is often overlooked by most of us. Here we give you a short definition of slumber's effects on beauty.

Starting with a proper sleep routine, preferably making an attempt to dose-off early rather than late. Research shows that falling asleep before midnight allows the body to get in the minimal seven hours of slumber before waking hours. This is mainly because sleeping in late does have its drawbacks too.

For the best form of beauty sleep, a little preparation would be advisable as such: 


A clean sleep space with comfortable and supportive bedding:

Don’t underestimate the importance of a clean environment while going to sleep. Couple this with some comfortable and supportive bedding accessories, it will do wonders! All of this, I might add, can be found on the Livpure Sleep website, where all such needs are met.

Removal of Make-up:

Removing make-up is an important need too. Without doing so, our skin will not be able to breathe as it should. Instead, washing one’s face or having a nice warm shower plays a true tune here and should always be considered for one’s beauty sleep.

Avoid eating right before bedtime:
Avoidance of a meal just before sleep time is paramount, as the digestive system works at its optimum when upright rather than in a lain position. Additionally, salty late night snacks aren’t the best choice as that does indeed dehydrate the body just prior to these important hours. A chamomile tea is advisable as it does calm the mind, body, and soul offering the needed peace at sleep time. All this adds to finding those beauty sleep hours without a hitch.

The first few hours of sleep time increases our melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone that helps with getting our body cycle to sleep. Used in treatment for sleep deficiencies such as insomnia, the melatonin levels also help in beauty sleep’s anti aging theories.

Once, in a deep slumber, here is where beauty sleep really starts to work its magic. In deep sleep our body temperatures are now just where we want them to be. Stress levels have also withered away, and that all important rejuvenation begins its glorious work.

However, even though this information has always been known, we do find ways to disregard our beauty sleep time during our lives. An average human spends approximately 20 odd years sleeping in their lifespan and considering that all sleep does is rest us for what comes in our conscious hours, it might be quite smart to not take these hours lightly. Finally, if you are looking for that delightfully alluring glow then beauty sleep plays one of the most important parts. Sleep well folks

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