Bad Sleep = Scary Mood

Bad Sleep = Scary Mood

No good can come from over-tiring your body. Sleep is essential for replenishing and reviving energy for healthy survival. Those who lack sleep are relatively grumpier and scary, and the mood swings are like hiccups. The best way to improve your life and stay cheerful is to get some restful sleep every night. You have to set a routine to avoid that scary mood round the clock. 

Our body performs several functions internally. Those generally take place while you are busy dreaming. When you are sleeping, everything happens, information transfer and processing, breathing, and relaxing. Hence, a lack of sleep can devastate your whole "well-being" agenda! 

Sleep and Your Mood

Whenever there is a late-night shift, party, outing or travelling plan, we often feel irritated the day after. Sleep disruption directly influences the way you act, and it determines your mood for the day. When you are short on sleep, it's hard to concentrate on anything, let alone increase your work productivity. The effects of poor sleep quality are evident in your everyday life. People with insomnia or other severe sleep disorders find themselves stuck in the same state of mind for months. Sleep disorders and your mood are intertwined, and it's nearly impossible to feel like yourself when you haven't slept well. 

Many studies reflect that those suffering from a lack of sleep have a negative approach to things, and they are always in a scary mood and can easily freak out. On the contrary, sleeping adequately lifts your mood and spirit. You work well through all the walks of life without hesitation or irritation. 

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

It is mandatory to get a proper sleep, irrespective of the routine. You can do everything else well if you shut your eyes well and enough. It's a vital process, and neglecting quality sleep isn't a smart thing to do. A child needs around 9-10 hours, whereas an adult requires 8 hours of sleep on average. As we grow older, our patterns change. With work, career, life, family, socialization and responsibilities, the sleep quality diminishes. 

Tips to sleep better

Here are a few useful tips that will help you better. 

1. Follow a Routine

Getting on the clock means to sleep on time and to wake up on time. It's the hardest thing to do after the uneven shifts and WFH due to the pandemic. You have to ease yourself back into the routine slowly. 

2. Get a Good Mattress 

It's almost the year-end, and you can treat yourself to a few comfy things. You have worked so hard the whole year, and the least you can do is rest as the winter season approaches. Livpure’s entire range of mattresses, pillows and blackout curtains are a total bliss for your slumber crisis. You can get yourself a memory foam mattress that provides the right kind of support to your body. Livpure’s OrthoX is the most suitable mattress you need to feel refreshed and relaxed every morning. 

3. Avoid Caffeine and Eat healthily!

Cut back on your caffeine intake. Coffee is good as long as it doesn't mix up with your sleeping hours. Try limiting your caffeine intake and follow a healthy diet plan. Avoid spicy and oily food to keep indigestion & heartburn at bay. 

4. Indulge in Yoga or Exercise

The past 2 years have been extremely challenging. You must have gone through a lot of changes like everyone else. To keep the ball rolling, try indulging in physical activities like running, exercising, and yoga. These are necessary for challenging your body strength from time to time. 

5. Sleep Regime and Room Ambiance

Keep the room clean & tidy, set the temperature right and install blackout curtains to maintain a sleepy vibe all along. Take a warm bath before getting into bed. It will cleanse all the dirt and tiredness for stimulating deeper slumber. Et soothing colors of bedsheets and pillow covers for you to dive deep slumber into quickly.

Good Mood, Good Snooze, Good Life! 

Being in a scary mood is mentally exhausting for any individual. Sleep deprivation is a chronic disorder, and it can cause troubles in your social life. Try catching some good Zizz to keep your mood happy & positive. 

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