Bad Mattress - Main Reason for  Sleep Deprivation?

Bad Mattress - Main Reason for Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep is as essential as food, clothes and shelter for humans. It does not only help us to relax and rejuvenate but also acts as a medicine for physical and mental wellness. A sleep-deprived individual develops several ailments. It is essential to understand the real reason behind sleep deprivation. Apart from modern lifestyle hassles that affect our sleep in some of the other ways, an uncomfortable old mattress can be one of the key reasons for your sleepless nights.

“If you want to have a good sleep, you have to have a good mattress.” ~ Jonathan Scott

A comfortable mattress can convert your sleepless nightmares to a fairytale dreamland; your frequent tossing sides of a bed to a sound snooze at night. There are several mattresses available in the market with advanced features. However, it is upon you to choose the best fit as per your comfort.

How would you know that your mattress is ruining your sleep?

Severe back and neck pain in the morning

Sleepless nights can lend severe back and neck pain. Frequent twist and turns in the bed lead to muscular unrest, which causes agony in your body.  A comfortable mattress helps to relieve muscular stress, while a worn-out and uncomfortable mattress can be the prime reason for your body ache. Once the mattress is old it loses its cushioning effect, as a result, cannot provide the ergonomic support to the body.

Thus, you may develop chronic back pain and as a result sleep disorder is inevitable. You should instantly consider a replacement of your old mattress. Livpure’s Regal memory foam latex mattress can be one of the correct choices for the ultimate ergonomic comfort for better sleeping. These mattresses comprise of cool gel memory foam and high resilient support foam, with anti-slip base for added coziness and peaceful sleep.

Allergic reactions begin

Your old mattress can be one of the prime reasons of your respiratory and skin related problems if you are using a mattress beyond its life span, which is generally eight to ten years because after years of usage old mattress may host dust mites and microbes. Skin irritation and acute breathing trouble can ruin your sleep. The dust particles can affect your lungs that leads to conditions like asthma.

If you are at the nascent stage of such developments, it is the time to change your mattress. The all natural mattress by Livpure comprises natural memory foam with bio-organic constituents. It includes non-chemical and non-synthetic resources such as anti-allergen latex foam that helps to restrict dust mites. This type of mattress is skin-friendly and controls respiratory congestion.

Fatigue throughout the day

Sleep deprivation at night may lead to tremendous fatigue in the morning, which ruins your entire day. A cozy and comfortable mattress may help to sleep peacefully but you should emphasize on the quality and comfort of the mattress. Vital reversible foam mattress by Livpure can be one of your choices that comes with super soft and thick foam on both the sides that provide optimum comfort. You can use it on both the sides and its porous, detachable and washable outer fabric makes it easy to maintain.

Stinky mattress leads to sleep deprivation

In tropical countries like India, sweating at night during sleep-time is a common issue. Eventually, after prolonged usage, old mattresses turn musty and start stinking that can cause sleep disruption at night. A stinky bed can be a turn off while you are tired after a hectic day. As a result, sleep deprivation is inevitable. Under such conditions, you need to consider the replacement of your old mattress with the natural mattress by Livpure. The cool gel organic memory foam and aromatic surface relaxes your senses and helps to regulate stress. As a result, you get a peaceful sleep and calm nerves.

Increment of stress and anxiety whereas a drop in memory power

Sleep deprivation tenses your brain cells and affects your temper. It leaves you tetchy and exhausted throughout the day. It also leads to other physical ailments which adds-up to your stress and anxiety. A sleep-deprived person has weak memory power and complains about lack of concentration. A peaceful sleep relaxes your mind, and unwanted physical stress rejuvenates your brain cells. However, an uncomfortable mattress cannot provide you with well-deserved sleep. The memory foam mattress by Livpure is soft and ultra-comfortable with cool gel that helps you to calm your senses and sleep comfortably by providing the best support for the body.

Getting unwell frequently

Your body needs proper rest for its smooth operation else it may start malfunctioning.  We all know that sleep deficiency can cause severe damage to your health and weaken your immune system. Good night’s sleep and a robust immune system go hand-in-hand. Hence it is crucial to have a night of proper sleep. A right mattress can help attain peaceful sleep, which improves your immune system. The weak immune system makes your body vulnerable to harmful diseases such as cough and cold, gut-related issues and so on.

Buy mattress that can help in developing your immune system such as reversible foam mattress by Livpure, which can be used by both sides can help you achieve the desired comfort while sleeping. The ultra-soft and high-density foam on both sides provides the best support and coziness for a peaceful sleep. It is easy-to-clean because of its removable and washable external fabric.

Blood pressure level ascends

If you are frequently tossing your sides at night, inevitably, you are not getting adequate comfort at your bed, which leads to sleep deprivation. One of the numerous reasons for this may be your old mattress. Sleep deprivation may lead to the blood pressure increase, which affects your cardiac health. Replacing your old futon becomes quintessential in this regard. Cool gel memory foam mattress by Livpure is a high resilient sleep product that provides a soothing sense and optimum support that helps to relax with good sleep and thus aids in blood pressure and stress control.Good health is our principal asset, and the right investment in the form of a good mattress helps to maintain it. So, do not wait anymore. This is the right time to set your health as your priority. Explore mattress online 

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