Are Water Purifiers Eco-Friendly?

Are Water Purifiers Eco-Friendly?

There is no better way to consume clean and healthy water than with a home purifier. 

However, as you bring home the water purifier system to promote good health, have you considered are water purifiers safe for the environment? Most probably, no!

Well, it is time you do so since most water purifier systems are made of plastics which creates problems in their recycling and makes them hazardous to the environment. So, while you are drinking safe water simultaneously, you are harming the planet. 

Not to worry, though! 

With rising awareness of environmental degradation, many companies have started offering eco-friendly water purifiers – that consume less energy and water and be recycled easily. However, before you learn about these systems, understand how they are better for the environment. 

How is Water Purifier Better for the Environment?

You are probably aware of the importance of a water purifier in India for good health. 

But do you know that besides providing you with fresh and clean water free of toxins and chemicals, this system is also good for the environment? No kidding there!

There are so many reasons why installing the best water purifier is eco-friendly. Let's discuss a few. 

1. Less Plastic Goes to the Landfill 

You know that plastics cannot be recycled; therefore, they stay on the earth's surface for years to come. 

Though bottled water is the easiest way to get clean drinking water, it mostly ends up in oceans and landfills, harming the environment. Because these products cannot biodegrade or be burned as they will release more toxic chemicals in the air, so, they stay put for decades and adds to environmental waste. 

Luckily, with water purifiers, you can reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. 

2. Saves Resources and Energy 

The more bottled water you buy, the more energy and resources companies use for their production to meet the growing demands. That said, nothing good comes out of it. 

A single bottle creation requires five times more energy than it takes to filter tap water. The reason is your processing process includes washing, heating and cooling before the final product comes into the picture. Adding to it, natural gas in large amounts is also used to power these process that creates plastic bottled water.

As a result, fossil fuels need to be burnt, which releases harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that also leads to Ozone depletion – a significant cause of global warming. 

However, with an eco-friendly water purifier, you can easily put a stop to these environmental problems and save the planet. 

3. Reduces Carbon Footprint 

The carbon footprint consists of the number of greenhouse gases emitted by an individual. Having a water filtration system at your place brings down your carbon footprint. 

To put it more clearly, say you are using bottled plastic water for drinking. So, by throwing these out, you increase your carbon footprint as you add to environmental waste. Besides, the former also causes climate change, air pollution, and global warming. 

What Are the Most Eco-Friendly Water Purifier Systems Available?

An eco friendly water purifier utilizes more water, hardly wastes materials, and lasts longer than most other systems. 

However, regardless of the type of purifier you install, using one is much better for the environment than bringing home plastic water bottles. In fact, even water purifiers with the shortest life span will replace around 300 plastic bottles. 

That said, some environmentally friendly best water purifier in India can be found below:

RO Water Purifier 

RO water purifier or reverse osmosis system is one of the most known home purifier systems because it effectively eliminates harmful impurities from water. 

This system filters the water in at least three stages – carbon pre-filter, sediment filter, and semipermeable membrane. 

That said, both carbon and sediment filters must be replaced every six to twelve months, while the RO membrane filter must be taken care of once in two years. If compared to other conventional systems, this filter system contains less plastic. As such, RO water purifier systems need not be recycled and can be disposed of safely in the garbage. 

If you are looking for the best price of RO purifier, the Livpure RO water purifier is feasibly priced. 

UV Water Purifier 

A UV water purifier system makes use of a chemical-free and physical process to eliminate contaminants from your tap water. Electromagnetic radiation disinfects your water and removes toxic chemicals, germs, and other harmful substances. 

Studies highlight that the UV system can remove 99.95 microorganisms from water, including pathogenic bacteria and other viruses. They also remove chlorine from water. 

The great thing about UV purifier is that it is quick, effective, and energy-efficient. It helps save energy as the water treatment system uses as much power as a 40-water light bulb. Plus, this system is eco-friendly, too – no bioproducts of chemicals are produced as no chemicals are used in the system. Moreover, the advanced purification technology actually conserves water instead of wasting it. 

At the same time, a UV water purifier is cost-effective since minimal maintenance is required, and only the lamp and sleeve will be replaced after a significant period. 

UF Water Purifier 

UF water purifier or ultra-filter water purifier system is specifically designed to remove contamination from the water. The great thing about the filter is it doesn't need electricity to function and disinfect your water. It can eliminate even the smallest viruses, germs, and bacteria without power. 

This system is suitable for households with frequent power cuts and dependent on natural water for usage. People can be sure with the UF filter, they are getting safe and clean water that is ideal for consumption. 

Though, one downside to this system is solids from water. This makes it suitable only for public water supply or water from ponds, rivers, rain or wells – where dissolved solids or TDS are within the limit present. If you are unsure about this, it is better to avoid this system installation. 

That said, a UF water purifier works for up to 10 years more than any other filter system, with little maintenance and even purifying muddy or turbid water. It is also good for your environment, considering it saves energy, uses no chemicals for purification, and wastes no water. 

The Bottom Line 

Every day, the planet fights against a new environmental problem caused mainly by human actions. So, the time has come for humans to take responsibility for their actions before losing our planet.

There is no limitation to the reasons why you should install a purifier system in the home. It is not just good for your health but for the planet as well. You may find it a small step that won't make much difference. But it is usually small steps in the right direction that ends up making a huge difference!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit Livpure to find an amazing price range of water purifier.

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