Apply These 9 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Water Purifier

People should begin and end their day with a glass of water and regularly drink it. In India, the drinking water that comes into our taps has a lot of contaminants and impurities. This water contains calcium, lead, arsenic, and iron that can disrupt an individual's health.

To avoid that, you should invest in a clean water purifier. A water purifier will ensure you drink clean and pure water, free from all impurities.

So, what kind of water filters can you buy? Listed below are the best water purifier in India that is frequently purchased.

What kinds of water filters are available in the market?

Today's market has various options for purchasing the best water purifier. Here are some of the most popular water filters:

RO water purifier

The Reverse Osmosis water purifier separates unwanted molecules, ions and large particles from drinking water using a partially permeable membrane. An RO water purifier is the most used method of filtration. This is because it removes 98% of dissolved solids, thus making the water healthier to drink.

The features of an RO water purifier are:

  • Improves the taste of water
  • Very effective for high TDS water
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, salt and other impurities

UV water purifier

A UV filter uses a UV lamp to kill bacteria and germs in the water. The UV lamp is put into the water tank from where water passes. Radiation from it can kill 99% of viruses and bacteria and sterilise the water.

A UV filter water has features like:

  • Makes water taste better
  • Does not require electricity to work
  • Very effective for low TDS water
  • Kills germs and microorganisms that can cause diseases

UF water purifier

An ultrafiltration water purifier removes large particles like pollutants and bacteria from the water. It is usually used for muddy water with turbidity. But it allows small particles, like dissolved sales and minerals, to pass through.

Some of the features of a UF water purifier are:

  • Can remove large particles from water, like dust, mud, and bacteria
  • Most effective for low TDS water
  • Membrane used is similar to an RO filters

Secret techniques to maintain and improve the functioning of your RO water filter

After you get a water purifier, the next step is to learn to take good care of it. Is it essential to maintain a water filter? What is the purpose of taking good care of it? Will it improve the way the water purifier functions? Keep reading to find out.

Do not move the water purifier after you install it

When you get a water purifier, make an informed decision about where to place it. Once you have put it up, you can't move it around. If you do, it could cause damage to the machine or loosen the pipes.

Keep the filter away from heat

Make sure to keep your filter away from heat because it has a lot of plastic parts. So if it is too close to a water heater or coal stove for too long, it could burn or melt.

Replace the RO filters regularly

You must replace the RO filter and its membrane every 6-8 months. Doing this is vital because it clears all pollutants and contaminants on it.

Install a softener, so it is extra efficient

A softener works great in a water purifier as the RO membranes are very delicate. It protects it from water-hardening minerals like magnesium and calcium. Try to get a professional to install the softener, as it can sometimes be tricky.

Keep a check on the user manual to learn how to fix it

Your water filter will come with a user manual. This has all the details like how to install it, instructions to take care of it, parts, purification stages, etc. It also has a section that includes fixing it in case something happens.

Sanitise and Clean thoroughly

Were you aware that an RO water filter needs to be cleaned entirely at least once each year? There are so many parts in your purifier that you cannot clean manually. The pipes that carry water have to be sanitised, too, since they are in contact with the water before filtration.

It could be a microbial infection if you ever find your water tasting different or smelling odd. So make sure to contact someone to get it checked out.

Keep a look out for any leaks

Every time you use your water purifier, quickly check that it isn't leaking. You must get leaks checked out and repaired as soon as they happen. It is best to do a complete servicing of your RO filter in case it begins to leak.

Don't forget to clean the exterior too

You can't only focus on cleaning the interiors of your water filter; the outside must be cleaned and maintained too. It is much easier for the outside of your purifier to get dirty, so try to wipe it with a clean cloth every alternate day. Doing this will reduce the risk of your water getting contaminated.

Make sure a good technician services it every six months

A professional must check your water filter and service it at least once in 6 months. Usually, the company you purchase your water filter from takes charge and sends someone to your house.

Summing up

Did you know that an RO water purifier can last 10-15 years? Filter water from the best RO ensures clean water, which is essential for you to remain healthy.

RO water is considered to be the best smart water to drink. For those of you with a Livpure RO Livpure water filter, learning how to maintain it properly is necessary. Only then will you be assured that it always has clean and pure water flowing out of it.

Filter water is the safest to drink, but only when regularly maintained. So, try out the nine techniques listed above. They will undoubtedly help you maintain your water filter correctly.


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