7 Health Risks Due To Your Old And Uncomfortable Mattress

7 Health Risks Due To Your Old And Uncomfortable Mattress

Sometimes the day can feel particularly long and exhausting, and you might look forward to nestling into your bed as soon as you reach home. Truly, those eight hours of sleep are all it takes to revitalize your mind and prepare you for the next day. However, in several instances, your uncomfortable mattress may act as a roadblock for achieving this goal, which can harm your health. The fact that the quality of your bed has a direct effect on the quality of your sleep has widely been accepted globally.

Yet, very few people show any desire to upgrade their uncomfortable mattress, until springs start to pop out or the foam loses its bounce completely. People keep on using old mattresses as long as it “fulfils the requirement”, but in reality, a change is vital for your health. Apart from a sleep disorder, there are several consequences of an old bed, which range from short-term effects such as drowsiness, and headaches after you wake up in the morning till long term impacts such as chronic back pain, allergies, hypertension, respiratory problems, obesity and so on.

Here is how an old mattress may affect your health:

1. Dust mite infestation may cause allergies

The actual life span of a bed mattress is generally eight to ten years. If your mattress is more than ten years old, then you should reconsider keeping it because an old mattress may be a breeding place for dust lice and harmful microbes that may cause severe skin and respiratory problems, and eczema. It can also have a hazardous effect on your lungs. If you are already suffering from allergies or respiratory problems, then it is high time you consider changing your mattress. Livpure sleep products present a naturale mattress, which contains natural memory foam with bio-organic materials. It comprises non-chemical and non-synthetic materials such as anti-allergen latex foam that helps to keep dust mites away.

2. The old and damp foam may invite bed bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most common problems in an old mattress. They can easily hide and breed because of the dampness of the foam and fabric, caused by prolonged use of the mattress. Bedbugs may keep you awake all night because they bite horribly leading to various health issues like insomnia. Hence, it is essential to replace your old mattress with a new one. You may consider the reversible foam mattress by Livpure, which comprises super soft foam on one side and high-flex foam on the other for postural support and sound sleep. You can use either side of the mattress, which comes with a breathable, removable, and washable outer fabric that increases the lifetime of a mattress.

3. The uncomfortable surface can trigger Back Pain

It is one of the most exasperating issues that you may come across due to an old mattress. After prolonged usage, mattresses tend to lose their density and cannot provide adequate postural support to the body, leading to chronic back pain. This can lead to sleep disorders and grogginess in the morning. Sleep is one of the vital requirements for a happy and stress-free start to the day. If your mattress is disrupting it, you should immediately consider a eplacement. Livpure’s Regal memory foam latex mattress provides ultimate ergonomic comfort for better sleeping. These mattresses come with cool gel memory foam, high-density support foam, and an anti-slip base for extra comfort and undisturbed sleep.

4. Stress level, anxiety and hypertension elevates

A worn mattress simply adds to the several discomforts that were preventing you from sleeping well. Insufficient sleep directly affects your mood, leaves you irritable and tired throughout the day. Moreover, sleep deprivation leads to other common sufferings such as back and neck pain, gut-related problems, lower immunity, etc. which all collectively add to the stress factor, eventually causing anxiety and hypertension. Sound sleep helps to reduce your stress level, but an old mattress cannot sort these things. Cool gel memory foam mattress by Livpure stays cool even in hot weather and helps you sleep comfortably. The thick and soft support foam provides the best support for the body and helps to sleep peacefully.

5. Disturbed sleep affects the immune system

Lack of sleep due to an old and uncomfortable mattress can hard-hit your immune system. A body with a lower immune system is susceptible to health hazards. The body’s natural ability to fight against germs is inhibited and you end up getting sick randomly. Health problems like colds and indigestion become common and you lose concentration in your daily life. Which is why you should make sure you buy a mattress that can help in developing your immune system. You may consider the ‘Vital’ reversible foam mattress by Livpure, which comes with ultra-soft and high-density foam on opposite sides and gives superb support and utmost comfort. This mattress provides the liberty to use both sides, with breathable, removable, and washable outer fabric that is easy to maintain.

6. Develops Cardiac problems

An old mattress can also boost cardiac complications. We all know that sleep quality is essential to proper organ functioning. An uncomfortable old mattress disrupts your sleep and affects your cardiac health. The deficit in sound sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure that is one of the prime causes of heart problems. Under such unavoidable conditions, it is necessary to upgrade your old futon with the naturale mattress by Livpure. The cool gel natural memory foam and organic aroma soothes the senses and helps to control stress and blood pressure. Thus, getting rid of cardiac issues becomes simple.

7. Affect Memory power

Lack of sleep caused due to an old and poor-quality mattress makes the brain cells malfunctioning and as a result, it affects memory power which might lead to memory loss. Many people across the world suffer from Alzheimer’s- a chronic symptom that destroys memory and other vital psychological functions. Investment in a quality mattress today can help you avoid such critical conditions. The wide range of Livpure sleep products can help you get the right mattress for the peaceful sleep that you deserve.

As we all know that health is wealth, and spending a little penny for a new mattress can reform and revitalize your life. So, why are you waiting? Order mattress online today and ensure quality sleep and healthy life ahead!

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